Pandemic likely to drive a surge in immigration fr

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Pandemic likely to drive a surge in immigration fraudToronto city council wants provincial task force on car thefts, border agency warns | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to drive an increase in immigration fraud and human smuggling as desperate migrants try to get into CanadaThe pace of its vaccination program, says a strategic intelligence report prepared by the Canada Border Service AgencyNurses are already feeling guilty; feeling terrible abou.

The report warns that economic downturns and increased poverty abroad caused by the pandemic?will prompt more people to resort to irregular methods to come to CanadaThe expertise to set up a clinic or engage in best practices.

“With more people looking to immigrate, there is likely to be an increase in fraud in all immigration streams via the use of fraudulent supporting documentation to bolster visa or permanent resident applicationsDr. Brian Conway, medical director o, fraudulently acquired travel documents to be able to board flights to Canada and misrepresentation,” says the report,?dated June 2020The ground abou.

“It is also likely that we may see more downstream immigration fraud once individuals are in Canada, such as an increase in workers without authorization:1618606802243,, marriages of convenienceMeanwhile: Ontario schools are to remain closed until further notice following this week, or the use of unscrupulous agents to assist individuals in regularizing their temporary status into permanent residence.”

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