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The influence of ultrafiltration membrane on the quality of dry white grape wine liuyanlin and lihuayan from the wine College of northwest agricultural and Forestry University equipped with a piezoelectric negative demand spraying 1.5mm thickness load sensor have the following advantages: the effects of two domestic ultrafiltration membranes G5 and G10 on the quality and quantity of dry white grape wine were studied. The test results showed that:

1. Ultrafiltration has little effect on the alcohol content, pH, reducing sugar and tannin, The retention rates of essential amino acids and VB2 were 69.2---77.8%; After ultrafiltration, the components that affect the quality or stability of dry white wine, such as Fe, Cu, protein, organic acid, total phenol, total SO2, etc., have decreased. G10 membrane has more interception of these substances than G5 membrane

2. After ultrafiltration, the color of the wine decreased, the clarity increased, and the wine was crystal clear and transparent with excellent appearance quality

3. Ultrafiltration can effectively remove pectin and microorganisms, and improve the stability of wine

4. Ultrafiltration has little effect on volatile esters. After filtration, the aroma of the wine sample is more elegant and pleasant, and the taste is more gentle and harmonious. The results of sensory evaluation showed that the sensory quality of ultrafiltration wine samples was significantly improved compared with the control

5. Domestic membrane filter (machine) G5 and G10 can be used for the production of high-quality dry white wine and can replace imported membrane filter equipment. G10 film is the most frequently used part of the machine than G5 Jinan gold testing machine fixture, and the quality of the film is more stable

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