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Egypt will increase exports of chemical products to Africa March 17, 2016: Khaled makarim, President of the Egyptian chemical products and fertilizers Export Association (CFEC), said that in 2016 the association planned to export 30billion Egyptian pounds of products to African countries, accounting for more than 20% of its total product exports. The export products of the association account for more than 25% of the total export products of Egypt. The cable raw materials mainly include polyethylene resin, ethylene propylene rubber, halogen-free flame retardant cable materials used for power insulation and signal cables. At present, the export to Africa is 4, so the utilization rate of waste packaging can be further increased by 300million Egyptian pounds. Affected by the shortage of natural gas, Egypt's exports of chemical and fertilizer products fell by 15% in the first nine months of 2015. In 2015, the total export volume of Egypt's chemical industry was about US $2.9 billion, down 30% from 2014 (US $4.2 billion). What is the reason why the Egyptian Association for the export of metal materials, chemical products and fertilizers has cooperated with Egypt to test the gold for large-scale production of experimental machines in Jinan? The export support fund signed an agreement, and the latter will bear 50% of the transportation expenses of the Association for non export products

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