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Effective quality inspection control of base paper

establish relevant systems and work processes for base paper inspection

first, the company should establish a complete set of base paper purchase acceptance management system. These systems include the acceptance procedures for raw materials, raw material quality inspection standards and methods, raw material inspection report, control procedure for nonconforming products, control procedure for raw material use process and quality record control procedure, and other necessary management and control documents. The quality inspection department shall carry out necessary inspection on each batch of base paper purchased by the company based on the contents of the progressive documents

base paper inspection workflow

base paper - the company warehouse - notify the quality inspection department - the quality inspector conducts spot inspection and records according to the delivery note - issue an inspection report after passing the inspection - the warehouse arranges the base paper to be warehoused after receiving the report - the warehouse keeper checks the inspection during warehousing - the production department inspects and records during use - the quality inspection department summarizes the base paper quality inspection records. If any quality nonconformity is found after inspection, it shall be reported to the relevant competent department in accordance with the control procedure for nonconforming products for treatment and timely reported to the relevant competent department

several key control elements of pre warehousing inspection and warehousing acceptance of base paper

the inspection of raw materials shall be carried out in time before the base paper is unloaded. Because if the paper fails to pass the inspection after unloading, it needs to be rejected or returned It will lead to unnecessary work such as reloading and returning the paper. So as to produce repetitive work; Visual inspection (visual inspection method). Check whether the contents of the production label on the paper roll meet the purchase requirements, and check whether the paper roll is damaged. If any damage is found, calculate the damage amount and note it in the inspection record Check whether the edge slitting of the paper roll is neat and clean, and whether the circular concentricity of the paper roll is deformed

proportion of batch sampling inspection Carry out batch sampling and spot check according to normal inspection regulations to check whether the physical indexes of the paper meet the standards When the quality result of spot check is relatively unstable, the spot check proportion shall be increased on the specified spot check quota If necessary, this batch indicates that each base paper shall be sampled for inspection

acceptance of warehouse 8 After receiving the raw material inspection report issued by the quality inspection department, the warehouse receiver shall also carry out necessary acceptance of the base paper when the materials are warehoused (the reason is that some material appearance defects cannot be found during random inspection. Each piece of thick paper must be inspected when it is put into storage. Carefully check whether the label content on each piece of thick paper corresponds to the delivery single-phase. Check the weight of some paper rolls by random inspection. Carefully check the appearance of each piece of paper, and timely notify the quality inspector if any defect is found. Clamp the sample (or product) with a clamp to apply force to the sample for reasonable and necessary treatment, Avoid unnecessary losses to the company due to the timely discovery of defects in the base paper

inspectors will inevitably encounter some abnormal problems when inspecting base paper Report to the superior in time so that the abnormal problems can be effectively handled For example, the gram weight of some papers exceeds the standard Although it will not affect the production quality of products, it will cause waste of materials and other related problems The normal treatment method is to take corresponding measures of receiving and weight deduction to make up

tracking inspection of base paper in the production process. The inspection items of base paper before the eighth warehouse are hard indicators in terms of physical properties. In addition, only a few layers of the surface of the paper roll can be sampled for inspection. Although the paper is warehoused after passing the inspection, some quality defects of the paper need to be highlighted in the production process. For example, uneven moisture of the paper is often encountered in the production process, the tightness of the paper roll is inconsistent, and the joint connection is poor, There are many common problems such as serious drying shrinkage of the paper web. These adverse problems will have a certain impact on the production and product quality. In order to solve and effectively prevent the occurrence of adverse problems, the production and quality control departments need to cooperate with each other to jointly complete the base paper quality inspection in the process

the production department shall establish a record form for the use of base paper, requiring the production and use process personnel to record the production and use of each base paper. The record form shall be filled in with the label information of the base paper, i.e. number, name and specification, quality status during use (recording in detail the poor quality problems, utilization rate of paper use and other important contents).

during the production process, the quality inspection department shall follow the manufacturing procedure for the use of raw materials Carry out the use inspection management of the base paper. The quality inspection personnel shall take samples of the defective base paper during the production process and keep them. If necessary, re test and record various physical indicators One of its purposes is to provide a basis for dealing with relevant quality problems with suppliers, and the other is to establish a sound base paper quality inspection record At the same time, it also needs to be in each production link of the product Record the related product quality problems caused by the quality of base paper

summary and evaluation of base paper quality inspection records the quality inspection department shall regularly sort out and summarize all base paper inspection records every month Establish monthly quality report for all kinds of raw materials The quality records of base paper of the same grade, the same type but different brands were compared Make corresponding quality comparison charts, regularly analyze the quality inspection record data accumulated at ordinary times, and list the base paper products with better quality in the heald table of the same type of paper, so as to provide an important basis for the company to purchase raw materials with high cost performance and flexible display

data in the inspection record report of base paper It can play a good role in carton production process design, through the analysis of paper quality inspection data We can find out the best paper for drying the company's process and production equipment Provide good technical parameters for the design and matching of carton paper, realize the effective control of the main production costs of products, ensure the excellent production quality of products, and finally achieve the purpose of improving the economic benefits of the company

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