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Common faults and troubleshooting of UV glazing (II)

II. The surface is sticky, and the residual smell is large

1. Fault cause

① the UV intensity is not enough, the lamp tube is aging, and it is not fully cured and dried

② excessive addition of non reactive diluents (ethanol, etc.) will affect the complete curing of UV varnish, especially in the case of low temperature and high humidity

③ the coating of polish with Weihai carbon fiber industrial park as the carrier is too thick or seriously uneven

④ the polishing machine speed is too fast, and the curing and drying speed of UV varnish is not suitable

⑤ the active diluent in UV varnish is of poor quality and has a strong smell. The photoinitiator is inappropriate, resulting in a large residual smell

⑥ the varnish is stored for a long time, causing gas accumulation in the container. Measure the stress relaxation rate, check whether the joint of the oil circuit system is tightened, relax the stress and other stress relaxation performance parameters

⑦ the printing ink does not dry, which affects the complete curing of UV varnish

2. Troubleshooting

① ensuring the full and complete curing of UV varnish is the most effective way to avoid surface stickiness and reduce the residual odor of varnish

② the output power of high-pressure mercury lamp shall not be less than 120w/cm

③ replace the lamp tube in time. The service life of UV lamp is generally about 1000h, and frequent startup will greatly shorten the service life. UV curing depends on the effective UV wavelength emitted by the high-pressure mercury lamp. Aging means the decline of the effective UV wavelength, so the lamp cannot be replaced until the lamp is not on or ring

④ try to reduce the use of non reactive diluents, and appropriately increase the temperature of the UV curing process, which is conducive to the volatilization of non reactive diluents and reduce the interference to UV curing

⑤ choose UV varnish with fast curing and drying speed and low odor

⑥ when necessary, a certain amount of UV light oil curing accelerator can be added to accelerate the complete curing and drying of UV light oil, and the amount is generally 2% - 5%

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