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Thoughts on degradable plastics industry

it has been nearly 30 years since China began to study degradable plastics. In the past decade, there has been a great breakthrough in the industrialization of degradable plastics. At present, more than 10000 tons of enterprises have been officially put into production, which has played a positive role in improving the environmental quality of our country. However, many degradable plastic enterprises are still in the arduous entrepreneurial stage, and there are still many problems that need to be explored, "explained Harri Dittmar, a composite material expert at bond laminates, and gradually solved

do not expect unrealistically high expectations of degradable plastics

plastics have become a large class of new materials and are widely used. The reason why it has been so widely used is that in addition to its convenient molding and low price, its wide variety, different performance and ability to meet various specific needs is a very important factor. For example, in general-purpose plastics, although polyethylene has poor heat resistance, it has good chemical stability, can resist acid, alkali, salt and a variety of chemical substances, and has outstanding low temperature resistance, which can be used normally at minus 50 degrees Celsius; Polypropylene has poor low temperature resistance, but it has good strength and rigidity, and good heat resistance. It can be used at a high temperature of 120 ℃. The stabilized plastic has excellent aging resistance, and the products can be used for a long time

for example, the estimated service life of plastic upper and lower pipes is more than 50 years, which is consistent with the high service life requirements of fixed buildings. So on, and so on. Generally speaking, the best application fields of degradable plastics are products with short service life and difficult waste disposal after use. For a large number of plastic products with long service life and easy disposal of waste, such as plastic doors and windows, packaging containers such as turnover boxes, and the above-mentioned upper and lower water pipes, the use of degradable plastics has no obvious advantages, and will reduce the use effect. We should clearly see that the application fields of degradable plastics are not infinite. It is now, and will only be a specific part of plastics in the future. It is not objective and extremely harmful to exaggerate the role of degradable plastics. Positioning degradable plastics too high will cause us to encounter difficulties everywhere in our practical work, thus turning us from extreme fanaticism to pessimism and disappointment, losing confidence in degradable plastics, which is not conducive to the development of degradable plastics

degradable plastics industry is an industry full of difficulties and challenges, which requires adequate ideological preparation and dedication.

degradable plastics industry is an environmental protection industry, so it is also a respected and attractive industry, which attracts many people with lofty ideals. We must see that degradable plastics are a quite young member in the whole plastic family. At present, they are still in a stage of growth and improvement. Although the products have been industrialized, they are still immature. Many specific or quite thorny problems will be encountered in continuously improving the performance price ratio, improving the performance (including molding performance, application performance and controllable degradation performance), reducing costs and expanding the market. To solve the outstanding contradiction between the high stability of degradable plastic products in molding, storage, storage and use and the rapid degradation after abandonment is a major feature of degradable plastics different from traditional ordinary plastics, and it is also a major difficulty in researching and developing degradable plastics, so as to drive the specimen to carry out fatigue experiments. It is very difficult to solve this group of contradictions economically and effectively

quality is the life of enterprises, and the production of degradable plastics must be strictly managed.

it is said that some domestic enterprises add yellow pigment to calcium carbonate masterbatch and pretend to be starch filled biodegradable masterbatch to mix in the market; Some enterprises do not organize production according to the inspection standards after the samples submitted for inspection have reached the approval of the national environmental standard product certification center and obtained the environmental mark, and the actual products do not meet the requirements of the national standard for degradable plastics. We should attach great importance to such cases that are extremely irresponsible to the society. Once found, we should disclose and expose them in time, and ask the relevant departments to deal with them seriously; For those enterprises with poor production equipment or technical conditions, low product quality or unstable products, we should organize forces to help them continuously improve product quality on the premise of win-win situation, produce high-quality products that meet national standards, and make degradable plastics become real environmental protection products

in view of our 24. Host weight: 145kg, China is still in the stage of growth and market cultivation of degradable plastics. Except for some enterprises, most of the production units of degradable plastics have insufficient production tasks, and some are even in the state of semi production suspension, with many difficulties and difficulties. At this critical stage, we should strengthen our faith, increase scientific and technological investment, improve production equipment, process and formula, focus on improving product quality and reducing production costs, and strive to expand the market as soon as possible and get out of the dilemma

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