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Common faults of the paper folding part on the web offset press

common faults of the web offset press can be divided into three categories: faults of the paper loading part, faults of the printing part and faults of the folding part. To eliminate the fault, you must carefully read the random instructions and mechanical schematic diagram, master the printing performance and mechanical performance of the machine, and fully understand the structure and purpose of each part of the machine. Only by doing this can you have a correct analysis of the fault, and then make the correct troubleshooting measures

I. common faults and troubleshooting of the paper loading part

the paper loading part is the whole process of ensuring a stable and uniform paper supply to the printing part. Common faults are: paper tape folding, paper tape tight edge. The above faults are mainly caused by the quality problems of the paper drum. However, in order to save raw materials, the faults can be eliminated by adjusting the paper guide roller and magnetic particle braking. If the effect is not obvious, the direction of paper roll movement can also be changed to eliminate such faults. When the paper is rolled tightly, the paper tape is easy to break, which affects the normal paper supply. If this kind of phenomenon is found, you can wet the tight side with a water brush. The non reprocessability of the faulty thermosetting photosensitive polymer will cause a lot of material waste and serious environmental impact, which will be eliminated

II. Folding unit fault analysis and troubleshooting

folding unit is a whole with close cooperation and interdependence among various components. The normal operation of the whole machine will be affected by the problem of a component. To troubleshoot, we must understand the performance, motion law and role of each component. Observe and analyze the faults carefully, and then decide what method to take to eliminate them. Remember not to eliminate the faults that occur due to inaccurate analysis and inadequate observation. Some faults appear to be the problems of the next process, but in fact are the problems of the previous process. If you cannot observe and analyze them, it is difficult to eliminate the faults. For example:

the faults caused by improper adjustment of the machine parts are caused by unclear performance, motion law and structure of the machine parts. Generally, the faults are that the folding does not meet the quality requirements, the paper tape is damaged, the movement time of the steel needle changes, the folding knife and the clamping plate do not cooperate well, the time change of the 16K folding knife, etc. these faults are caused by not understanding the motion law of the machine parts. The main troubleshooting method is to change the movement time, which is generally controlled by eccentricity. These faults can be eliminated by changing the eccentric high point

failure of 2016 due to wear of parts: the failure of wear of parts is due to the fact that there is no need to hit the ground for the high-speed machine, the base parts are not filled with oil through the craniotomy electrode embedding operation points, and the parts cannot be fully lubricated, which accelerates the wear of parts and shortens the service life. The parts were not replaced in time due to normal wear and tear

faults caused by parts damage

parts damage is generally caused by the service life of the parts has reached the end of the year, or improper operation. There is an abnormal sound when the machine is moving, the machine cannot work normally, the parts do not work, etc. the troubleshooting of parts damage is mainly to replace or repair the parts, and the faults can be eliminated

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