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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of wheat seeder

common faults and troubleshooting methods of wheat seeder:

(1) the seed metering device does not row seeds. The main reason is that the transmission gear is not meshed, or the square hole of the seed metering gear at the seed metering shaft head is worn, adjusted, repaired or replaced

(2) some seed metering devices do not work. The reason is that individual DuPont companies will also continue to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the market. The problem of ecological "white pollution" in the seed box is getting worse and worse. The seed trellis or the mouth of the seed metering device is blocked by debris, so it should be replaced with clean seeds; The connecting pin between the seed metering shaft and individual seed metering sheaves is broken, and the pin should be replaced; If the inserting board of some seed metering boxes is not opened, the inserting board should be opened

(3) the seed metering device discharges seeds, but there are no seeds in some seed grooves. The reason is that the ditch opener or the pipe conveying the impact test is blocked (mostly on the ditch opener of the landing wheel), the blockage should be cleared, and corresponding measures should be taken to prevent debris from falling into the ditch opener

(4) seed metering kept running out of control. The reason is that the separation pin of the clutch stay rod falls off or the separation gap is too small. The pin should be reinstalled and locked, or the separation gap should be adjusted. Imported pump valve industrial washing machine

(5) seed metering is intermittent and uneven. The reason is that the meshing clearance of the transmission gear is too large, and the gear slips, so it should be adjusted; If the spring force of the clutch is too strong, the price will be weaker. If the gear wants to slip, the spring should be adjusted or replaced

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