Common models of the hottest screwdriver

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Common types of screwdriver

common types of screwdriver are slotted and cross. But there are more than these two

but one thing is certain, the screwdriver has no round head, because the round head has no torsion at all

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is to ensure that there are twists and turns, and the cross can make the power distribution more uniform

screwdriver can be divided into manual screwdriver and electric screwdriver according to the power source

according to the batch head or cutter head, the output of refined copper, electrolytic aluminum, lead and zinc is 7.96 million tons, 31.41 million tons, 3.86 million tons and 6.15 million tons respectively, which can be divided into Flathead and Phillips

there are many specifications and models. In the industry, the effective grafting of innovation chain and industrial chain is basically based on the batch leader. It comes in two sizes. One is the metric system, which we often say is in mm. For example, those sizes with twists and turns upstairs. There is also the British system, which is in inches, such as 1/4, 3/16. Multiply this number by 25 to make it a metric size

1. The model of slotted screwdriver is expressed as the head width × Tool bar. Example 2 × 75mm means that the width of the cutter head is 2mm and the length of the rod is 75mm (not the full length)

2. The model of the cross screwdriver is expressed as the size of the cutter head × Tool bar. For example, 2 # × 75mm means that the cutter head is No. 2 and the length of the metal rod is 75mm (not the full length). Some manufacturers use pH2 to represent 2, which is actually the same. You can roughly estimate the size of the cutter head by the thickness of the cutter bar, but in industry, it is distinguished by the size of the cutter head. The thickness of metal rods corresponding to models 0, 1, 2 and 3 is roughly 3.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm and 8.0mm

the head of a high-quality screwdriver is made of spring steel with high hardness

a good screwdriver should be hard but not brittle, and there is stitching in the hard. When the opening of the screw head becomes bald and slippery, you can tap the screwdriver with a hammer to make the groove of the screw deeper, which is convenient for screwing off the screw. The screwdriver should be intact; Screwdriver is often used to pry things, which requires a certain toughness without bending. In general, it is hoped that the hardness of the screwdriver head is greater than HRC60 and is not easy to rust. Aluminum spot welder

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