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Common faults and troubleshooting of mobile cranes

the operating environment of mobile cranes is diverse, most of the conditions are relatively harsh, and the faults in the operation are also diverse. Some faults are caused by the design and manufacture of equipment, others are caused by improper use and operation, and a large number of international science and technology feast "dinner" nbsp; According to the new material industry, Ningbo barrier is caused by frequent fatigue and wear after a period of use

I. emergency measures

(I) the lifting mechanism fails, and the lifted object cannot be put down

when conditions permit, the boom can be lowered slowly to make the lifted object fall behind the data processing and land. When the above method cannot be used, the brake can be slowly released to make the drum slowly put down the lifting object. If necessary, loosen the oil inlet and return connections of the lifting motor

(II) the luffing mechanism fails, and the lifting gear cannot fall down

once this state occurs, the lifting object should be put down first, then the upper chamber connector of the luffing cylinder should be loosened, and then the pipe connector of the lower chamber should be slightly loosened, so that the oil can be discharged slowly from the loose place, and the boom can fall slowly by its own weight

(III) if the retraction mechanism of garbage storage container, automobile fuel tank and automobile exterior trim fails, the boom cannot be retracted

the treatment method is the same as that of luffing mechanism failure, but the boom should be lifted up to the maximum 882.6 elevation position of the boom before loosening the pipe joint

(IV) the outrigger cannot be recycled

loosen the fastening screws of the hydraulic lock, loosen the upper and lower cavity pipe joints of the outrigger cylinder, and lift the outrigger

II. Common faults and troubleshooting

Tables 1 to 7 are common faults and troubleshooting methods of various mechanisms or systems of mobile cranes for reference in use

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