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Common way of printing film coating

printing film can improve the grade of printing after coating. Generally, there are two kinds of film: one is dumb film, and the other is bright film

lamination is a processing process in which plastic films such as polypropylene are covered on the surface of printing products and bonded together by heating and pressing with adhesives. The film covering process is divided into pre coating and instant coating. Precoating is to precoat the adhesive on the plastic film, dry and roll. After that, in the case of material adhesion and a wider range of agents, the lamination of printed matter can be completed through hot pressing. That is, coating is to use adhesives at the same time

the method of film coating is divided into cold mounting and hot mounting. Cold mounting uses the pressure of glue and cold mounting machine to bond photos with film coating and back plate; The hot mounting relies on the high temperature and high pressure of the hot mounting machine to complete the mounting of photos. In contrast, the cost of cold mounting is lower, but the effect of hot mounting is better, and the photos of vice mayor he Honglin are preserved longer after mounting

the printed matter covered with film is good-looking and of high grade. Almost every printed matter needs to be covered with film. In Langfang printing industry, printing is almost separated from laminating factory, so it is more professional

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