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Haitian Group launched a fully electric injection molding machine mercury

400 HP tractor, and successfully developed Germany's ebermannsdorf news (dynamically display the experimental load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental duration and various experimental curves when it can be tested, and take computer stop data processing and analysis, December 1, 2009). Zhafir company, a subsidiary of Haitian Group, an injection molding machine giant, has successfully developed a fully electric injection molding machine mercury

At the end of last month, zhafir showed two prototypes of mercu3 in the company's 43055 square meter new assembly workshop in ebermannsdorf. The machine can also be used for steel pipe bending experiments by adding accessories. The company also produces Venus (Tianrui) all electric plastic machines here

zhafir CEO helmar Franz said that the company will show a mercury that can be put into production at the 2010 K exhibition. The model will be mass produced in 2011, with 55 tons and 135 tons of clamping force at the beginning. Franz said that the standard model of the machine will have several high-end options, including injection molding. Mercury will help product manufacturers and mold designers manufacture more complex parts and plastics with high application difficulties

the design of this machine subverts the general tradition, and replaces the traditional round tie rod with two thick and flat iron plates. These iron plates are produced by Haitian Group and can provide mechanical stability like pull rods

the fuselage of mercury is narrow, which can save production space

traditional injection molding machines put plasticization and injection into one injection unit, while Mercury has a plasticization unit with fixed screws and a separate injection unit. Users can use different screws and plungers

franz said that such a design rejects any compromise and provides high melting quality and accurate and consistent injection volume

he said that the machine has no limit on the injection speed

Franz said that a Japanese company used a similar - but much more expensive - Method to separate the plasticizing and injection units, but did not use an electric drive

zhafir is currently delivering a 55 ton mercury machine to a customer for trial operation and feedback

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