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Google appoints VMware co-founder to take charge of cloud computing business

on November 20, Google under alphabet on Thursday appointed VMware co-founder Diane Greene as the person in charge of strain control of cloud computing business

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is trying to take the lead in the fast-growing cloud computing market. At present, in the competition with Amazon and Microsoft, cloud storage business has become Google's priority. Pichai said at the financial report meeting in October that virtually all enterprises in the world operate on cloud computing platforms

at present, Amazon's cloud computing business is growing rapidly, while Microsoft is trying to make up for the decline in PC sales through cloud computing business, which is an excellent insulating material

Green has been a member of Google's board of directors for the past three years. She will be responsible for Google's newly established cloud computing business unit, including Google for work, cloud platform, Google Apps and other products

moness, Crespi, Hardt, CO analyst James cakmak said: This shows that Google wants to take the cloud computing business seriously. They will do everything possible and compete with Amazon AWS and Microsoft

Google also said on Tuesday that it would acquire Green's startup bebop technologies. The company provides a development platform to assist enterprise customers in developing and maintaining applications. 3 The samples shall be protected from corrosion during processing and storage. After the deal is completed this year, green and the bebop team will join Google

Google said that green would continue to serve as a non independent director of Google's board of directors. In 2008, Paul Maritz, a former Microsoft executive, succeeded green as CEO of VMware

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