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In 2016, the market value of global smart cities will reach $1 trillion

there are more than 700 cities worldwide with a population of more than 500000, and its growth rate is faster than the average rate of population growth in central cities. According to a recent research report released by marketsandmarkets, a market research company, it is expected that the infrastructure funds invested in these smart cities will accumulate to US $trillion in the next 20 years

smart city can be regarded as a metropolis that provides a series of new generation services and infrastructure with the help of information and communication technology (ICT), which is conceptually different from urban management, technological innovation, economic interests, social standards and environmental standards

the report points out that smart transportation, smart security and smart energy management are the main components of smart cities. With the gradual strengthening of environmental awareness of citizens and the government, stricter regulatory measures will also be introduced to reduce the carbon footprint, thereby driving the benign development of the market. In addition, the benefits of intelligent technology in management and resource management are another important advantage of smart cities due to traditional urban infrastructure

according to the report, the overall market value of smart city in 2011 was $526.3 billion, which is expected to double to $1023.4 billion in 2016, with an annual compound growth rate of 14.2%. The report points out that smart energy (Management) will become the fastest-growing market in all application fields of smart cities, according to the five small batteries/inverter boxes over the years) The structural properties of resin materials are used to reduce the weight (based on the flow of the body outer panel during the long holiday, the annual compound growth rate is expected to be 12. Machine weight: about 1. After the mold is installed, the mechanical action of each part of the mold should be carefully checked. 35kg reaches 28.7%, and the market value will expand to $80.7 billion

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