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The first activity of Infocomm China govirtual was successfully launched

the first activity of Infocomm China govirtual was successfully launched

-- a series of online activities reshape the on-site activity experience and provide a one-stop solution for the industry

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the second govirtual activity is about to attack on April 14. It is understood that it will once again provide the industry with a new experience of online virtual + offline experience mixed mode

[March 24, 2021 - Beijing News] Beijing Infocomm China 2021 launched a physical offline exhibition and online commerce platform govirtual dual platform hybrid exhibition experience this year. A series of online govirtual activities were officially kicked off on March 17. The first govirtual activity attracted professionals from different industries to participate, watch and pay attention to the latest technology, equipment, products and integrated solutions demonstrated by exhibitors

hybrid dual platforms give full play to the greatest business value

exhibitors' online booths, live real-time demonstrations in the live studio, direct dialogue between buyers and sellers, AI business matching and networking discussion, and other powerful functions, presenting a new exhibition interaction experience for the industry, and giving full play to the maximum business value of the dual platforms

Shanghai huanshiluo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai huanshiluo) participated in the first govirtual activity and achieved good results. Mr. Zhou ye, the deputy general manager of the company, said: the real-time dialogue function of govirtual platform is good. The audience can give real-time feedback through the bullet screen, which is convenient for us to adjust the pace of explanation and answer questions in time. In this event, we provided new ideas for the construction of global visualization solutions in the 5g era, demonstrated global products, and shared solutions for global visualization in the fields of public security, education, and meteorology, which achieved good results. Next, we will continue to participate in the second online activity on April 14, and will interpret how to carry out digital transformation in the field of transportation and urban emergency on this basis

when interviewed, Chen Tingfu, executive director of infocommasia, the organizer, said: we are very excited about the launch of govirtual platform and the success of the first event. Govirtual has received extensive attention in the industry, which proves that this platform can indeed help business owners, project managers, technicians and other people at all levels in professional audio-visual, it and various vertical industries

on April 14, govirtual activity focuses on enterprise it and education

the second govirtual activity is scheduled to be held on April 14, 2021, and the activity will focus on enterprise it and education industries on that day. As of the press date, the second govirtual event has confirmed that several live broadcasts have been arranged for exhibitors. They will demonstrate and introduce various innovative technologies and integrated solutions applied to enterprise it, implement enterprise society and education, provide cost-effective participation and learning experience for people at all levels of the industry, and seamlessly develop business online without leaving home, communicate and interact with manufacturers and industry experts, Obtain opportunities to expand business network and expand business. The networking seminar, one of the highlights of the event, will also invite experts from the enterprise it and education industries to share their views and Analysis on industry and market trends, so as to help practitioners grasp market opportunities

super govirtual platform creates win-win results together - buyers who fail to visit the exhibition can also communicate with exhibitors in real time.

with the help of the special business matching function driven by artificial intelligence, the super functional govirtual platform can recommend suitable manufacturers for visitors based on their search behavior when they interact on the platform. Similarly, exhibitors can browse relevant potential customers and follow up, expand business and create a win-win situation

Mr. Chen Tingfu concluded that a series of activities on the govirtual platform enable those who cannot personally visit the offline exhibition of Infocomm China in Beijing in July to discover the most innovative and cutting-edge professional audio-visual technologies and integrated solutions, while communicating directly with various solution providers and watching real-time product demonstrations. From these virtual interactions, it is convenient for industry people in various fields to learn, get inspiration, and obtain valuable market insight and insights. At the same time, for those visitors who participate in online activities and can personally participate in the Beijing exhibition at that time, if the oil hole of the buffer is blocked, they can preview and display products and solutions before the exhibition, and then they can have more in-depth discussions with exhibitors at the exhibition, and easily complete the transaction, which will benefit from many aspects

the second govirtual event is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. Those in the industry who are interested in participating can immediately log in to the official in advance to experience this new hybrid dual platform exhibition mode in person and get the maximum benefit from Infocomm China

about infocommasia

infocommasia Pte Ltd is the organizer of the first professional audio-visual and integrated experience trade exhibition in the Asia Pacific region. The Exhibition hosted by infocommasia is held annually in China, India and Southeast Asia, connecting the friction of water, gas and other pollutants in the world and regional solution providers, vertical market end users and the most important supply chain markets in the Asia Pacific region

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