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Inflatable safety packaging air cushion

patent type: utility model

inventor: Yang Yonghong

applicant: Yang Yonghong

main applicant address: 611530 group 5, MABA village, Linqiong Town, Qionglai City, Sichuan Province

application number: 1

application date: December 10, 2004

approval announcement number: 279944 four ball testing machine development direction 6

approval announcement date: July 26, 2006

main classification number: b65d81/03 (2006.01) I

classification number: b65d81/03 (2006.01) is more able to collide with the spark of wisdom than making cars behind closed doors I

category classification number:

instruction CD number: d0630

Abstract: inflatable safety packaging air cushion it belongs to the field of packaging supplies, It mainly solves the problem of impact resistance of packaged products. It has an elastic main body (1), which has an inner cavity (2) that can be inflated and sealed, and can be composed of more than two main bodies (1) connected together through a soft folded edge (5); Benefits: as a buffer, it is filled or padded in the packaging box of the product. It has good impact fatigue crack growth test performance, and can better protect the products in the packaging box from damage. It is easy to make, easy to use, fast and reusable, especially suitable for the packaging of high-end and vulnerable products

sovereignty item: 1. Inflatable safety packaging air cushion, which is characterized by: having an elastic body (1), and the body (1) has an inner cavity (2) that can be inflated and sealed

agent: Beijing tonghuiyou Patent Office

agent: Gao Yunrui;) Yang zongrun

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