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Infineon acquired "cold cutting" technology company for SiC wafer cutting by more than 900million

on November 13, Infineon announced that it had acquired a start-up called siltectra and also included an innovative technology (cold spit). "Cold cutting" is an efficient crystal material processing technology, which can reduce the material loss to a minimum, but it is non slip for shoes. If shoes are scratched in rainy days and snowy days, it will directly affect their own safety problems

Infineon will use this technology to cut silicon carbide (SIC) wafers, thereby doubling the number of chips that can be produced by a single wafer. It is reported that this acquisition has been approved by the major shareholder MIG fonds venture capital, with an offer of 124 million euros (equivalent to about 975 million yuan)

it is reported that siltectra, founded in 2010, is a start-up company located in Dresden, with more than 50 patent intellectual property portfolios

Infineon CEO Dr Reinhard Ploss said, "this acquisition will help us use SiC new materials and expand our excellent product portfolio. Our systematic understanding and unique expertise in thin wafer technology will complement siltectra's innovation ability and cold cutting technology."

compared with ordinary saw cutting technology, siltectra has developed a new technology to decompose crystal materials, which can reduce material loss to technology. The technology is also applicable to carbon SiC, and will be industrialized in its existing Dresden plant and Infineon (Austria, with low sampling rate) ferrach plant

as the only enterprise that mass produces 300mm thin silicon wafers, Infineon can well apply thin wafer technology to SiC products. It is expected that Infineon will realize the transition to mass production in the next five years

with the passage of time, cold cutting technology is expected to be more widely used, such as ingot segmentation, or for materials other than SiC

ploss also hopes that this technology will help improve its economy and resource use, especially the current growing electric vehicle business. Today, SiC products have been used in very efficient and compact solar inverters. In the future, SiC will play an increasingly important role in electric vehicles

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