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The informatization construction of Tengzhou, Shandong Province helps the glass industry fly.

in order to expand and strengthen the glass industry in Tengzhou, Shandong Province, vigorously strengthen the informatization construction of glass enterprises, promote the glass industry to speed up the response speed of market demand, reasonably allocate resources, and comprehensively improve the management level of enterprises, Tengzhou, Shandong Province, continues to strengthen the guidance and service for the informatization construction of glass enterprises, A brand-new b) dual core microcomputer control for the glass industry: large LCD system and microcomputer dual control or separate control period have been roared and inserted with strong information wings

speed up the response of market demand through information construction. Facing the huge impact of the international financial crisis on the glass industry, enterprises improve their comprehensive operation ability through information network and computer technology, and constantly realize the technological innovation and transformation of enterprises and the optimization and adjustment of market layout. Computer aided process design and manufacturing have been gradually realized in production and manufacturing, and the market competitiveness of products has been continuously improved through product upgrading; More than 20 enterprises have joined Alibaba, Zhonghua glass structure should be as simple as possible and other large-scale e-commerce stations. Enterprises firmly grasp the opportunities of building energy conservation, building decoration, and the booming development of the furniture market, grasp the market information that changes instantly at any time, and speed up the response of enterprises to market demand

promote the optimal allocation of enterprise resources through information construction. Scientific development, reasonable allocation and effective use of information resources are the strategic measures for enterprises to improve their own quality and market competitiveness, so they are favored by quality inspection institutions. At present, the glass enterprises in the city have basically realized networking management and resource sharing, and formed an industrial organization system with close cooperation, complete industrial chain and sound service system. Based on the optimal allocation of information resources, they carry out joint cooperation in raw material supply, production, sales, product development and fund-raising, amplify advantages, cultivate characteristics and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the docking and integration

improve enterprise management through information construction. Based on its own needs, the enterprise adheres to the overall planning and distribution to implement the information transformation project. Through the internal office automation system, supply chain management, customer relationship management system and other information construction projects, the enterprise constantly changes the mode of operation, production and service, and integrates the advanced glass industry management concept and mode into the enterprise's management activities, effectively improving the enterprise's own management and decision-making level. (end)

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