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Infineon launched a full set of scalable high-temperature 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) series

on March 2, Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. announced the launch of a full set of scalable high-temperature 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) series. The series can operate in environments up to 150 C and can meet the most stringent standards in the automotive and industrial electronics industry. The newly launched xc800150 C series can be used in environments with temperatures ranging from -40 C to 150 C without restrictions. This provides an efficient alternative for expensive and complex heat dissipation and refrigeration systems, and a feasible alternative for the application of Microcontrollers in harsh working environments

xc800150 C series is an ideal choice for automotive products, such as turbocharger, engine fan, throttle valve or valve control device, EPS, fuel/fuel sensor, water/oil/fuel pump, etc. Potential industrial applications include heating control devices, boiler systems or electronic control systems inside motors

Infineon is the first manufacturer in the world that can provide a full set of 8-bit microcontroller products that are not limited to help these fast-growing industrial industries improve efficiency and productivity, improve profit margin and systematically apply to 150 C high temperature environment, and meet aec-q100gr and ade-0 standards. Juergenhoika, director of microcontroller Marketing Department of Infineon Technology Co., Ltd., said that xc800150 C series products include many models with different flash memory capacity, number of peripherals and innovative functions, which greatly facilitates customers to choose devices suitable for specific embedded applications

aec-q100 is a Reliability stress test standard formulated by the automotive electronic equipment committee (AEC). The test shows that Infineon's new series of high temperature microcontrollers have been tested and certified to meet the requirements of aec-q100grade0 (-40 C to 150 C). This makes them ideal for automotive engine compartments and industrial solutions in extremely harsh environments

xc800150 C device polypropylene (PPR) can be installed close to sensors and actuators. Compared with previous electronic or mechanical solutions, it can improve connectivity, ensure efficient motor control, and reduce system costs. Since this series of devices do not need heat insulation devices and additional wiring, it helps to reduce the cost and complexity of automotive and industrial products. All models of xc800150 C series are based on Infineon's powerful, durable, mature flash memory technology and high-quality production technology, which can ensure excellent reliability

xc800150 C series equipped with powerful peripherals

xc800150 C series further expands the application field of mature and powerful XC800 microcontrollers. This series of devices are equipped with an 8051 processor core, flash memory of different capacities (4KB to 32KB), and integrated with components such as oscillator, voltage regulator, EEPROM and monitoring circuit, which can reduce the cost of the whole system. XC800 devices of different models are also equipped with powerful peripherals that support various motor control devices and power conversion products. These peripherals include a capture/comparison unit (ccu6) that can flexibly generate PWM, an enhanced fast digital to analog converter (for precise measurement, hardware synchronization to pulse width modulation), and a multican module containing two can nodes. The xc800150 c microcontroller of the can module on the assembly chip in the production process reduces the load of the CPU by providing most of the functions required by the network protocol (shielding, filtering and buffering of can frames). In addition, xc800150 C series also has a built-in 16 bit vector calculation unit to support the triangular calculation required by field oriented motor control (FOC). These newly launched devices adopt a variety of packaging forms, including 24, 28 and 38 pin t-ssop packaging and 48 pin QFP packaging


the engineering samples of the first batch of xc800150 C devices (24Kb and 32KB flash memory, xc886grade0 supporting field oriented control) have been provided at present. The model is expected to achieve mass production in July 2010. Other models of the product range are expected to be launched in 2011

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