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Information automation helps wine canning

the process flow engineer of Sonoma Valley winery recently found that he must face two problems in data collection. First of all, he must try to grasp the control system of the distillery packaging equipment, so as to collect available operation information; Secondly, we must cooperate with the company's information technology (it) department to make the new data acquisition system work

in the process flow, it is often encountered that when there is a fault or shutdown on the packaging line, without reliable information, the engineer cannot judge the problem at the first time, and then cause downtime and even delay the construction period. Therefore, adjusting the system to operate and obtaining the approval of the information department means that not only the engineering skills need to be improved, but also the information communication skills between departments are equally important

through research, engineers installed various resin storage, conditioning and pumping devices, and finally found a solution. In Sonoma Valley distillery, they used a software called production linear energy solution (LPS), which was provided by Rockwell software company. They chose this software for two reasons. First, packaging machinery is equipped with Allen Bradley programmable controller (PLC) of Rockwell company; Second, the biggest bottleneck of this project is how to coordinate with the company's information technology department on the problems of the company's network operation. This set of equipment has pre-designed database and work report functions, which is conducive to accelerating work

realize high-speed canning

sonoma Valley distillery has a high-speed canning line and a low-speed canning line at the same time. The high-speed canning line is used for canning most of the wine in the distillery, and the low-speed canning line is used for canning high-quality wine. The running speed of the high-speed canning line is 320 bottles/minute. After installing the production linear energy solution on this line, its products account for 80% of the total output of the distillery

the packaging line starts from a glass unpacker with very high dimensional stability under high temperature. Boxes of wine bottles are manually loaded onto the feeding conveyor belt of the unpacker, and the unpacker takes the glass bottles out of the box. Then, the glass bottle is put into the integral 64 head canning and cork installation machine. Since the cork is installed in the sealed tank room, the equipment is equipped with a nitrogen purification device. Then, the wine bottle is labeled and packed. The final components of the packaging line are a sealing machine, a palletizer and a stretch wrapping machine

except that the canning machine and cork installer use Allen Bradley PLC 5, each machine on the packaging production line uses Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 programmable controller. SLC 5/05 can drive all conveyor belts and realize the communication connection and synchronization between the control device and Ethernet

confirm the server

because the data highway 485 is an Allen Bradley procedure based on the standard serial RS-485, it does not have enough bandwidth to collect the data information required by the system. Therefore, it needs to be replaced with Ethernet. Therefore, what Sonoma Valley distillery needs to do is to update the network connecting nine packaging machines together

after meeting the requirements, the distillery added Logix 5000 controller to the system as a data concentrator. On the controller of each machine, an integer data file is established to capture various events from the machine. Events are generated by a series of programmable counters and status bits, mainly including machine status (whether it is running, blocked or stopped, etc.), machine availability and other events unique to each model of machine. Rockwell's software LPS reshapes the event information, infers the basic types required by users, and configures the corresponding software. For users, this solution is very economical and practical

the data concentrator regularly polls each machine controller, reads integer files, and updates the database. The database is built with Microsoft's SQL server, and the middleware is from lighthammer, which can reside on the remote server. This server is both a data collector and a web server. The system allows personnel with appropriate authorization to view information through the internal network connection of the enterprise

the operator can see the production status, including production quantity, cumulative downtime, which steel fiber concrete manhole cover jc889 ⑵ 001 machines have problems and other information. Buyers can track how many bottles have been used. Managers can see more long-term data to make decisions on parts that need improvement. In the past, although data could be measured, it could not be managed. Now, each individual department can understand what they are doing and what needs to be improved

understand information technology

to establish a high-quality server, you need to enter the company's internal network. Therefore, packaging engineers must work closely with the company's information technology department

packaging engineers must understand what aspects of the project the information technology department will pay attention to. Because the information department may know more about the big network, but not much about the relatively simple automation network of the distillery. They don't know lingo language in the manufacturing industry. For example, they use 'GUI' instead of 'HMI'. They also don't know what PLC is. Therefore, the first part of the project is the mutual understanding and communication between the packaging engineer and the information department

one of the first things to be discussed is to unify the common understanding of manufacturing data and where such data is used. When you tell the IT department that you are going to collect and store data, their first thought is security. Because the information department collects and protects financial data, financial data is often restricted by legal departments, such as Sarbanes Oxley or the securities and Exchange Commission. If they lose any financial data, it is a big problem. For packaging engineers, if one day's production data is lost, it is not a serious problem. Therefore, who will maintain the data and ensure the data security must be clearly divided. Moreover, due to the small number of staff in the production plant, it is impossible to undertake this work, so it is necessary to cooperate with the information technology department

another important thing to discuss is cybersecurity. Because a small number of people in the possession of process engineers cannot track the latest virus information, they cannot establish and maintain an appropriate firewall for the network. The information department is equipped with staff, who are trained to know how to deal with these problems. Therefore, maintaining information security has become the work of the information department

the Information Technology Department of the head office is usually far away from the distillery, and the distillery needs to establish a relationship with the information technology support personnel to understand the appropriate procedures for cooperation with the information technology department. Therefore, they should learn how to communicate with the personnel of the information technology department

adopt the information technology standard

the distillery purchased standard parts under the guidance of the information technology department. Then, the information technology department installed the equipment and equipped with standard systems and application software. If the distillery follows all the rules of the information technology department on hardware and software, the information technology department will be responsible for maintaining the network, providing support and downloading anti-virus software for the distillery. The winery is still responsible for the application software installed on the server, such as Rockwell system. Therefore, the distillery can develop its own cooperation plan with Rockwell, as well as the plan for system maintenance, support and storage of manufacturing data

when summarizing the project, the process engineer of the distillery said, "technicians and the information department should have a lot of dialogue and communication, and participate in a lot of interactive activities. Technicians' participation in information technology can help the information department put forward various practical solutions." Winery engineers found that conquering technical challenges is only one part of the problem. Learning to cooperate with other departments can connect the system. Only in this way can the wine be successfully sold on the market

Rockwell software company

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