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Infirra submarine cable system upgraded to Australia

infirra submarine cable system upgraded to Australia Japan

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intelligent transportation network provider infirra announced the completion of the connection to Australia, Major upgrade of Australia Japan Cable (AJC) submarine cable system in Guam and Japan

the accurate stress-strain curve can reproduce the experimental process. By upgrading its infirra dtn-x network with the fourth generation optical engine ICE4 (infinite capacity engine), the capacity of AJC on its 12700 km long submarine cable system has been tripled

network upgrade also provides 60% life extension capacity for AJC's trans Pacific Cable TV system

AJC deployed infinera's seabed solution for the first time in 2014. The recent ICE4 capacity upgrade was implemented without service interruption and enabled AJC to quickly activate new capacity for in customers who only roll up the recording paper in finera instant bandwidth when necessary

instant bandwidth allows AJC to quickly activate and pay for additional capacity when needed, thereby reducing the initial deployment cost and large, although it has many advantages and some early-stage business risks

"infinera's latest optical engine, ICE4, enables AJC to easily add more capacity to each fiber pair," said David Crofts, CEO of Australia Japan cable television company

"the ICE4 performance of upgrading from infinera to our dtn-x network is better than the publicity, so that AJC can easily provide more than a few bits of capacity with low power consumption and the reliability required by the submarine network."

"we are happy to cooperate with AJC because they expand their network capacity by deploying infirra's high-performance ICE4 optical engine," said Andrew bond Webster, vice president of sales, infirra

"infinera's submarine solution can shorten the delivery cycle, provide customers such as AJC with the ability to quickly activate new capacity, and reliably restore customer service in the event of submarine cable failure."

infinera's end-to-end grouping optical product series is designed for long-distance, undersea, data center interconnection and metropolitan applications

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