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Application of BWS AC servo system in oilstone molding machine

oilstone is a strip-shaped consolidated abrasive made of abrasive and binder. Oilstone is usually lubricated when used, so it is named. Oilstones are generally used for manual grinding of tools and parts, and can also be clamped on machine tools for honing and superfinishing. The oilstone molding machine is developed for many reasons, such as low efficiency of traditional manual oilstone processing, high manual work intensity, poor product processing consistency and so on. Through servo quantitative feeding, the product weight error is less than 10 grams, so as to ensure product consistency and product quality

this series of oilstone molding machine is composed of advanced Dalian Andy AC servo system, domestic PLC and hydraulic device. The PLC controls the operation of the whole device. The hydraulic system is responsible for mechanical hydraulic feeding and molding extrusion, and the servo is responsible for driving the screw to extrude oilstone processing raw materials. Due to the large extrusion load of the screw, a reducer is added between the screw and the servo motor, with a reduction ratio of 17:1. In order to ensure the processing efficiency, The servo motor basically operates at about 2000rpm

the design scheme of the oilstone forming machine is as follows:

1. Control requirements: PLC system, with high-speed pulse output function

the AC asynchronous servo driver and motor of Guangzhou Bowei Servo Technology Co., Ltd. adopts position control

2. Basic composition and operation of the molding machine:

(1) the molding machine is generally divided into four parts: extrusion molding part, raw material feeding part, hydraulic part and electric control part

(2) the hydraulic part is mainly composed of hydraulic oil pump, oil cylinder and oil circuit; The electric control part is mainly composed of PLC and servo driver; The extrusion part is mainly extruded by the upper and lower main cylinders, the left and right cylinders are responsible for filling the processing materials, and the middle is the oilstone mold. The hydraulic stroke is controlled by the stroke switch signal PLC; The raw material feeding part is mainly composed of raw material funnel, screw, reducer and servo motor. Because the oilstone is divided into upper and lower parts, it is divided into two sets of equipment, left and right. The raw materials provided in each set of equipment are different

(3) basic operations are divided into manual operation and automatic operation. The process of normal operation of the equipment is as follows:

first, after power on and start operation, the left hopper works, and the servo system operates according to the pulse number and frequency set by the PLC. The screw extrudes the standard raw materials to the small tray, and then it is fed into the mold by hydraulic pressure, and then the upper oil cylinder acts to extrude and finalize the shape, completing the molding of the lower half of the oilstone

then, the right hopper works, which is the same as the above operation, and then completes the molding of the upper half of the oilstone. In this way, the blank of an oilstone is processed, and then the blank is ejected by the lower oil cylinder and taken out manually. Then, the blank of 2. Pressure testing machine is calcined to get the finished oilstone

3. Processing precautions:

(1) since it is necessary to ensure that raw materials are poured into the electronic universal testing machine and hydraulic universal testing machine evenly, how can we maintain them to avoid rust and aging? What are the key maintenance areas? If the equipment is often used in the mold, the screw consists of one main screw driving four slave screws to work, and the discharge ports become four, so as to ensure the uniformity of discharge

(2) there is a great relationship between the discharge volume and the motor speed. The higher the motor speed, the less the discharge volume, and vice versa. Therefore, when changing the motor speed, it is necessary to re determine the discharge volume and then adjust the number of running cycles of the servo motor to ensure that it is consistent with the original discharge volume

(3) in order to better ensure the consistency of discharge volume, it is best to add shaking equipment on the raw material funnel to make the blanking uniform

4. Dalian Andy AC synchronous servo selection and related parameter settings

name and model remarks servo driver bws-1 this cycle repeats to achieve the purpose of cooling 5bb0 BH servo asynchronous motor BWS BH/- Servo parameter setting value remarks B001 pulse plus direction b012 pulse position control mode b0217 electronic gear ratio numerator B031 electronic gear ratio denominator b1030 position proportional gain B201 position command logic switching b36150 environmental simulation test equipment how to select speed proportional gain y13906 current coefficient y electrical angle

among them, the setting reason of B20 parameter is mainly because the selected PLC has only two high-speed pulse ports, and no redundant ports provide directional pulses, By changing this parameter, the rotation direction of the motor can be changed to facilitate wiring and resource occupation


the oilstone forming machine using BWS servo driver and servo motor can meet all the processing requirements of traditional oilstone processing, while ensuring the accuracy requirements of oilstone processing, and greatly improving the product consistency; It greatly improves the processing efficiency and the stability of product processing quality. (end)

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