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The impact is not obvious, and the heavy machine tool industry may encounter a unsalable period this year

recently, it was learned from the heavy machine tool branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association that in the first three quarters of 2008, the heavy machine tool industry achieved a total industrial output value of 5.855 billion yuan, an increase of 33.15% over the same period last year; The sales revenue of products reached 4.787 billion yuan, an increase of 15.05% over the same period last year; The cumulative production reached 6224 sets, a decrease of 4.9% over the same period last year, and the total value reached 7.38 billion yuan, an increase of 25.9% over the same period last year

at the meeting of the Secretary General of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, Zhai Wei, Secretary General of the heavy machine tool branch, said, "driven by the rapid development of the national economy, the heavy machine tool industry has shown a good trend. At present, it has entered a virtuous cycle of development with profit growth greater than the growth of product sales revenue and total industrial output value."

the overall operation is good

in view of the impact of the current global financial crisis on the industry and the changes in the production and operation situation of enterprises, the heavy machine tool branch recently made a report entitled "economic operation and Countermeasures of the heavy machine tool industry"

according to statistics, in the third quarter of 2008, the heavy machine tool industry accumulated 1201 sets of inventory, including 1.01 billion yuan of products to be shipped, with an inventory rise and fall rate of -12.84%; The total profit was 402.1 million yuan, an increase of 80.77% over the same period last year; The cumulative order volume was 13.381 billion yuan, an increase of 55.53% over the same period last year; The export delivery value of products was 205 million yuan, an increase of 116.5% over the same period last year

the report points out that in recent years, the gap between China's heavy-duty machine tools and foreign advanced levels in technology, development capacity and manufacturing process has narrowed, the user recognition has been continuously improved, and there has been a breakthrough in the sensitivity and speed of developing high-end products. Ruqi is also the basis for resolving excess production capacity. Both Chongqing CNC and Wuzhong group have successfully developed special CNC machine tools for processing wind power generation

according to the report, in recent years, factories in the heavy machine tool industry have made gratifying achievements in technical transformation, product development and business philosophy, and the development and manufacturing cycle of new products has been greatly shortened, providing a reliable guarantee for us to undertake national key engineering projects. Domestic enterprises have improved the international market competitiveness of China's CNC heavy-duty machine tools by developing their own brand CNC heavy-duty machine tools

new orders have decreased

the financial crisis has swept the world. China's machine tool drop hammer impact testing machine functional tool industry has experienced a decline in orders, an increase in returns, inventory backlog and other phenomena to varying degrees since the fourth quarter of last year. Zhai Wei said that in the next three years, the financial storm may affect the heavy machine tool market, but the impact will not be great

according to the introduction, the biggest characteristic of the heavy machine tool industry, which is different from other industries, is that the manufacturing cycle is long. Generally, the cycle is mostly within half a year to one year, and some are more than one year. So at present, most of the order contracts in hand by enterprises are the tasks of this year, and most of the contracts signed now are the delivery contracts of next year

by the end of the third quarter of 2008, the cumulative order volume of the entire heavy machine tool industry had reached 13.381 billion yuan, an increase of 55.53% over the same period last year. Zhai Wei said that the production tasks of the heavy machine tool industry in 2009 have not been affected by the international financial storm, and there have been no returns and overstocks. It is estimated that the gross industrial output value of the heavy machine tool industry will remain at 20% - 25% and the sales revenue will remain at 10% - 15% this year

although the industry situation was good in 2009, the number of newly signed orders, that is, the number of orders in 2010, decreased. Some enterprises had already negotiated a new contract with the buyer, but suddenly received a notice from the user that they would suspend the signing. As for when they can sign, it depends on the development of the situation. It is reported that since the third quarter of last year, the financial storm has had a certain impact on the export of heavy machine tools, and the export growth rate has slowed down. In addition, in terms of export business, domestic enterprises are worried about the risk of L/C negotiation caused by the bankruptcy of foreign banks

Zhai Wei's introduction: "We have felt a certain impact on the signing of new order contracts, especially for export manufacturers. For example, enterprises that provide mother machines for the shipbuilding industry, due to the large number of foreign return contracts, have affected product exports. It is estimated that by 2009, the order contracts of some old users will also be affected. In addition, some industries have purchased a certain number of processing equipment in recent years, and this kind of equipment will also be unsalable this year Period. "

industry development benefits from national policies

in response to the global financial crisis, the state has adopted a variety of policies to expand domestic demand and maintain economic growth. These include accelerating the construction of major infrastructure such as railways, highways and airports. These policies will greatly stimulate the market demand for heavy machine tools

Zhai Wei believes that the industry should seize the opportunity of the country to promote economic growth and give full play to the advantages of heavy machine tools to provide the country with key complete sets of processing equipment. Improve their ability to resist risks, reduce losses caused by risks, and work together to tide over difficulties

due to the impact of the international financial storm, the confidence of investors has been severely damaged. At present, many users hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the prospects of the whole market and maintain a cautious attitude towards purchasing behavior. Zhai Wei believes that "once the market regains confidence, the demand for heavy machine tools in the international and domestic markets, especially in China, will continue to grow in the next five years. We are optimistic about the future economic trend of the heavy machine tool industry, and it is expected that the market situation will really pick up to the level of the first half of last year, which will take two to three years."

carefully develop the heavy-duty market and don't rush into it.

in recent years, due to the pull of market demand, the machine tool manufacturing industry has a promising market prospect for heavy-duty machine tools. Some manufacturers who have never touched heavy-duty machine tools have also launched heavy-duty machine tools, especially gantry boring and milling machines, At last year's CNC machine tool exhibition alone, there were nearly 30 exhibitors. Gantry boring and milling machines are worthy of your trust. This safety belt also has the characteristics of UV suppression and smoothness, and manufacturers of different sizes. According to the heavy machine tool branch, at present, more than 50 domestic companies have started or are producing gantry boring and milling machines (including simple CNC machines)

Zhai Wei advocated that the backbone enterprises of China's heavy machine tools should make more efforts on the functional milling head components of product complexity, multi axis linkage, high precision, high speed, high reliability and large cutting force, develop the new products of CNC heavy machine tools urgently needed by the country, and form import substitution; By refining small and medium-sized products, we can create our own brand to occupy the market

for some small and medium-sized enterprises that are not suitable for manufacturing heavy machine tools, Zhai Wei believes that these enterprises should develop special products for user groups in combination with their own strength, and should not rush into mass action to seize the heavy machine tool market, so as to avoid the disorderly competition of repeated production of low-level heavy machine tools, causing a waste of resources to the country and enterprises

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