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So where’s Europe’s real source of strength? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

We are all familiar with the large political behemoths that dominate our globe, not just in terms of political influence, but also through their financial strength. The United States, although having a federal structure, has power centred very clearly on WashingtonPrime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said.. The same would apply to the other superpowerThe country kep, namely China, albeit under a completely different totalitarian political system. As events in Hong Kong have so perfectly illustrated, any thought of an alternative political view or opinion, let alone action, will not be toleratedOntario introduced a provincewide mask mandate.?

We should also mention Russia, who although no longer a superpower, is still formidable and a potentially dangerous entity. By way of illustration, the value of the entire economy of this geographical giant, as measured by its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is less than half of that of Germany. It, too, despite nominally titling itself as a democratic nation, is quite obviously under a firm central system of Putin’s command and control.?

These three, therefore, stand in great contrast to the real strength and opportunity supplied by the structure of the EUThe premier will follow all public health advice for close contacts of positive cases. Since its birth back in the 1950s, some have desired and dreamt of creating an alternative to the US via “a United States of Europe”, with a similar centralized strength and concentration of power in order to combat those other leviathansIn a statement Friday, J.?

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