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Zoomlion welcomes the 25th anniversary: never forget the youth of the original heart

Zoomlion welcomes the 25th anniversary: never forget the youth of the original heart

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25 years old is the prime of youth. Zoomlion is indeed a young man at the age of 25. This young man has experienced rapid growth and was beaten to the floor, but he stands up today and stands on the rising track again! Looking back on the 25 years of wind and rain, Zoomlion has bravely ventured and climbed; Looking forward to the future, Zoomlion is more confident and indomitable

market adversity, determined to change; Taking advantage of the industry's recovery, Zoomlion, 25, is making every effort to accelerate the transformation, and has always adhered to ingenuity and quality growth. Under the background of the continuous recovery of the construction machinery industry, the company has made great achievements and presented a generous gift for its birthday

insight into global strategic adjustment

recently, Zoomlion released its 2017 semi annual report. During the reporting period, the company achieved an operating revenue of 12.79 billion yuan, an increase of 42.05% year-on-year

after five years of industry downturn, this performance is a long lost joy for Zoomlion. Guoxuehong, vice president of Zoomlion, said that the achievements benefited from the internal strategic deployment of the enterprise, actively adjusting the product structure, integrating advantageous resources and achieving a comprehensive assault

from the second half of 2016, the construction machinery industry began to recover. The news recently released by China Machinery Industry Federation shows that in the first half of this year, the main business income and export of China's construction machinery achieved double-digit growth

in the face of rare opportunities, Zoomlion has seen the overall situation and sized up the situation. In this year, the "three elimination, one reduction and one compensation" has been steadily implemented, reducing production capacity, inventory and leverage, reducing costs and making up for weaknesses. At the same time, with the goal of becoming a refined enterprise, Zoomlion has made a new round of strategic adjustment - focusing more on the development of three major business sectors, i.e. engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and financial services, assuming that the electronic universal testing machine can not reach the rule experimental power

the correct thinking mode, practical strategy and the development idea of "meticulous, smart, accurate and lean" have made Zoomlion reap good returns

according to the semi annual report, the company's construction machinery revenue was RMB 8.434 billion, up 77.43% year-on-year. The main products of concrete machinery and hoisting machinery continue to maintain the industry leadership. Dry mixed mortar and machine-made sand have become the two new business growth points of the company. Fire fighting machinery and industrial vehicles gather together to create an advantageous cluster in the construction machinery sector. In agricultural machinery, the market share of dryer, wheat machine and other products remains at the forefront of the industry, the strategy of developing medium and high-end agricultural machinery is clearly defined, and the transformation to a "equipment manufacturing + service" provider is made. In addition to "Nurturing" the real industry, the financial sector is also gradually "testing the water" in the market-oriented transformation, and the system stiffness has become the key to the normal work of the whole system. It starts to invest in industrial funds

innovation gene adheres to ingenuity

on August 29, people introduced the innovative "intelligent manufacturing" of Zoomlion at large

technology has no boundaries and innovation is endless. Zoomlion, which has been established for 25 years, has achieved the goal of "making products, building brands and setting standards". Sanqingyuan Changshi has subscribed for 5.8565 million shares. Up to now, Zoomlion has been responsible for formulating nearly 400 international and national industry standards, applying for more than 8000 patents and authorizing more than 7000 patents

as an enterprise incubated in the process of scientific research system reform, "innovation gene" is integrated into the bone marrow. Sunchangjun, vice president of Zoomlion, said in an interview with people that only when innovation is regarded as the soul of an enterprise, can innovation become the norm of an enterprise

the product 4.0 project with "modular platform + intelligent products" as the core, which took three years to fully promote, is undoubtedly the latest and brightest intelligent manufacturing achievement of Zoomlion's scientific and technological innovation

"the 'product 4.0' project is a product strategy formulated by Zoomlion in the context of the rapid development of modern sensing technology and IOT technology, closely following customer needs and combining its own characteristics," the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said that the 4.0 project focuses on "modular platform + intelligent products" and strives to create a new generation of products with cost-effective operation, safe and reliable operation, intelligent and convenient management, and green and environmental protection

in the first half of 2017, the company developed a total of 41 new generation 4.0 products, 14 of which finished the prototype production; 114 invention patents were granted, ranking the top three in the industry; A number of key components and technologies have been implemented and transformed

at the same time, Zoomlion pl2304 High-power Tractor, straw treatment equipment, dryer, sugarcane machine and other agricultural machinery equipment have also made a strong debut. On May 8 this year, Premier Li Keqiang personally boarded Zoomlion pl2304 tractor, which fully confirmed Zoomlion's "brilliant achievements" in agricultural equipment manufacturing

to build 4.0 products, we should not only rely on technology, but also carry forward the spirit of craftsman. Not long ago, Zoomlion undertook the first National Tower Crane skills competition. So that the craftsman spirit can be spread to more workers in the industry through the competition. Zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, believes that only with "ingenuity", taking technology as art, products as art, carefully carving details and strictly controlling quality can we remain invincible in the competition

this series of innovative measures has made Zoomlion a leader in the formulation of industry standards and issued the "strongest voice in China" in the field of international standardization

25 years ago, a group of technicians hammered out according to their own design drawings and produced the first concrete pump of Zoomlion in Changsha, Hunan Province in 1993. Today, Zoomlion's product footprints have spread all over the world along the "the Belt and Road", in the American continent, along the Pacific coast and on the glaciers in the Antarctic, It has established branches in more than 80 countries and formed a "two horizontal and two vertical" market pattern overseas

in recent years, under the guidance of the "the Belt and Road" and other national opening-up strategies, Zoomlion has accelerated the improvement of its international layout, and proudly "go out and go in"

Belarus is the new footprint of Zoomlion in the "the Belt and Road". In 2015, Zoomlion settled in the China Belarus Industrial Park. It uses the local chassis of Belarus to produce cranes, sanitation and other products. It solves the problem that carbon oxide is the most lethal component in the smoke. In the future, the products will cover the Russian speaking region and Eastern Europe, with an estimated output of US $200million

in fact, Zoomlion "extended its tentacles from home to abroad". From baolujie in the UK to CIFA in Italy, from m-TEC in Germany to raxtar in the Netherlands, from exporting products to investing in the construction of factories to the establishment of R & D bases, Zoomlion has continuously accumulated energy to participate in international competition

the more localized, the more internationalized. To this end, Zoomlion has localized partners in various countries through channel construction; Establish joint ventures in Belarus and other places to realize the internationalization of production capacity. In addition, Zoomlion cooperated closely with China Railway, China Construction, Zhongshui, China Communications Construction and other Chinese prefix enterprises in the field of infrastructure construction, "going to sea together", forming a competitive force and driving products to "go global"

at present, Zoomlion has achieved "global blossoming and leapfrog development". As chairman Zhan Chunxin said, "in the past, we went out by ourselves. Now we follow the national the Belt and Road strategy and go better."

quality growth creates future

at the industry leaders' Forum of the fourth global construction machinery industry conference held recently, sunchangjun said that the domestic construction machinery market will continue to grow in the coming years

according to the prediction of CIC Consulting Industry Research Center, the average annual growth rate of China's construction machinery industry sales from 2017 to 2021 will reach 7.35%. Industry experts believe that the construction machinery industry has recovered from the bottom at the end of 2016, and is expected to enter a stable growth period for a long time in the future. After strategic adjustment, Zoomlion's future performance is expected

chairman Zhan Chunxin gave the answer to Zoomlion's future chess game. He said that Zoomlion would become a "light-weight, low-risk and stable enterprise", continue to expand engineering machinery, cultivate and tap the agricultural machinery and agricultural service market, and make up for weaknesses in relevant business areas through international mergers and acquisitions through "finding vacancies" and "buying positions", so as to stand firm in the international market and become a veritable international enterprise

sunchangjun emphasized that Zoomlion pursues "quality" growth, pays attention to product quality, strictly controls business risks, and recognizes that innovation is the eternal driving force for enterprise development

in the next stage, Zoomlion will implement a more effective system in management. Based on the "internal transfer pricing mechanism", Zoomlion will take the business division and major regions as profit centers for management and assessment, so as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprise development

at present, Zoomlion has clearly defined the business idea of "efficiency, quality, scale and sustainable development", which will also become the "main melody" of future enterprise development. Zoomlion will step into the rising channel of sustainable and stable development

after 25 years of hard work, Zoomlion, which has become more mature, began to look for a broader vision - to become a global high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise and build a gold lettered signboard of China's equipment manufacturing. As zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said: "From 1992 to 2012, Zoomlion has been developing rapidly for 20 years, which has amazed the world. From 2013 to 2017, Zoomlion almost moved forward in the mud pit, and slowly moved forward through self-healing. Today, it can be said that Zoomlion has embarked on the path of sustainable development, and will usher in development, development and further development! Heaven rewards diligence, and Zoomlion will be better with everyone's efforts!"

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