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Zoomlion silage machine has become a good helper for farmers

this year, the silage machine of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has become a good helper for farmers' friends, showing its skills in many major agricultural provinces and winning high praise

The Guwang silage machine upgraded by the technology of

1200 has been highly praised by the market

in recent years, the price of corn has been declining, the planting area of feed crops has increased in some areas, and the market of corn feed harvester as a silage machine has been expanding. Unlike the corn harvester, the feed harvester needs to break all the straw and grains of feed crops during harvesting. Therefore, it is more difficult to develop the cement strength test method although there are national standards

a year ago, the silage Research Office of Bozhou division of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. began to focus on the new corn feed harvester. From R & D to production, after more than half a year, under the leadership of tankefeng, director of the silage Research Office, the R & D team successfully tested and put into operation the new corn feed harvester, which was widely praised in the feed crop planting areas of the country. "During that time, I was overloaded with work every day. I went to the production area to guide the workers while designing. I often worked until midnight, and my eyes turned red." Tan Kefeng said

although the corn feed harvester has been successfully developed and put into production, the technological innovation will never stop. In order to further improve the use value of the harvester, this year, Tan Kefeng led the R & D team to improve the core parts of the machine and overcome the technical bottleneck

the corn feed harvester upgraded by Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has a wide range of adaptability: the lengthened header is adopted, which has a stronger ability to harvest high stalk crops and a more uniform feeding. At the same time, optimize the chain harrow passive shaft structure, increase the chain harrow density, and reduce the header loss; The cutting length can be adjusted in three levels, and the cutting length can be adjusted quickly through the handle; Optional kneading board, Unsatisfied (for example, the PI π is between 3.3 and 3.3, which meets the needs of users in the same region; the steering axle structure is optimized to make the turning radius smaller and more flexible.

the product performance is also more advanced: the walking system is driven by hydrostatic pressure, with low noise and comfortable and convenient operation. The servo oil source is equipped with imported high-pressure gear pump and servo motor, and the pump is equipped with imported brands, with stable and reliable performance. The enhanced forward and reverse gear box is configured, which can quickly realize the whole machine Reverse rotation can prevent blockage caused by excessive feeding. The control system of the throwing cylinder adopts the solenoid valve and remote control technology. The rotation of the throwing cylinder and the control of the throwing distance can be operated remotely through the remote controller, and the auxiliary operators can be free from position restrictions

since the product was put into the market, it has been quickly recognized by dealers and users with its superior performance and strong operation ability. The branch also conducted on-site demonstrations of silage machines in many places, allowing dealers and users to come to the site and personally experience the superior quality of Zoomlion silage machines. At each demonstration and exchange meeting, Guwang silage machine has become a veritable "sweet pastry", and many new orders can be obtained every time

"what we do is the research and development of agricultural machinery technology. Every technological innovation will bring greater convenience to agricultural production. Although there are many difficulties in the process, as long as we can make people laugh, we will be satisfied." According to the flow of Zoomlion silage machine during the five small holidays over the years, Tan Kefeng, director of the research office, said

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