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In 2014, the new member of Zoomlion Weifeng family qy95v and the newly upgraded qy110v were grandly launched. As the latest explanation of the classic models of the V family, the qy95v and the new qy110v achieved a perfect combination of performance and practicality, It is worthy of being a model of entry-level convenient large tonnage truck crane products. Once the convenience and multi working condition adaptability of the two products have been launched, there has been an upsurge of attention in the industry, and many customers have intended to order products

Zoomlion qy110v truck crane

Zoomlion's new qy110v product is the first 5-bridge and 7-section boom truck crane in China. It is also the largest truck crane in the industry at present. The maximum lifting height can reach 98 meters, and the unique oval main boom has a full extension of 72 meters, which is nearly 10 meters higher than other products at the same level and input the required output results according to the instrument instructions. It not only fully covers the common lifting conditions of 100 ton products, And further expanded the application range of the product. It is a convenient product far exceeding the same industry in terms of arm length and lifting performance, realizing the perfect combination of performance and practicality

Zoomlion qy95v is a new model developed by Zoomlion. The head of the Industrial Development Department of Jiangnan industrial concentration zone said that it is an entry-level large tonnage product. It has five bridges and six elliptical arms. The full extension length of the main arm is 63 meters, and the maximum lifting height is 90 meters. The comprehensive lifting capacity and scope of operation not only surpass the industry's 90 ton products, but also exceed the industry's 6 bridges and 100 ton products by more than 15%, With stronger lifting capacity and a wider range of operations, it will bring customers higher cost performance and return on investment

in addition to the continuous improvement of lifting capacity, the two products are also equipped with a new generation of horizontal bar latch mechanism for automatic shutdown; Its product safety factor is 6 times of the boom telescopic control technology, and the optimized logic control technology brings the degree of automation to the extreme; The safety monitoring, protection and prompt functions, such as the real-time monitoring of the vehicle frame level, the intelligent reminder of maintenance and repair, and the safe maintenance mode of the boom, are a powerful guarantee to ensure the intelligent, safe and reliable operation of the vehicle

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