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Suqian mobile IOT application helps build a smart Internet City

IOT is an important part of the new generation of information technology and an important development stage in the "information" era. Suqian mobile company closely follows the development trend of IOT and takes the lead in deploying the construction of narrow-band IOT stations in the country. It is committed to expanding the application products based on IOT technology, such as IOT street lamps, water and electricity meter reading, intelligent well covers, intelligent fire hydrants, etc., to benefit the people in the fields of public utilities services, environmental protection, people's life and so on

thousands of "smart street lights" illuminate Santai mountain

in August 2017, Suqian mobile company and the largest forest park in East China - Suqian Santai mountain scenic area jointly built a smart street light lighting project, comprehensively improved the traditional street light management means, and realized the centralized control of street lights, the informatization of operation and maintenance, and the upgrading and transformation of intelligent lighting

the Santai Mountain Forest Park project in Suqian City is the first project of the municipal government in 2015, covering an area of about 12.7 square kilometers. With the continuous expansion of the construction scale of the scenic spot, the landscape lighting and streetlight facilities have been continuously improved, which not only improves the aesthetic quantification and lighting quality of the scenic spot, but also improves the external image of Santai mountain. However, while the traditional landscape streetlights bring brilliance, brilliance and convenience, they also encounter the problems of backward control means, low monitoring efficiency and energy waste. In view of the shortcomings of traditional street lamps, Suqian mobile company joined hands with Santai mountain to realize the upgrading and transformation of more than 2000 street lamps in the scenic spot, which met the needs of intelligent street lamp management for remote management, fault location, environmental protection and energy conservation, and was unanimously recognized by customers

it is reported that the protective cover is firm and firm. This time, more than 2000 "landscape intelligent street lamps" are intensively lit in Santai mountain, which is the result of Suqian Mobile's large-scale expansion and application after more than half a year of research and attempts, and marks the prelude to the "upgrading" of Suqian street lamps in batches. Relying on Nb IOT technology, the intelligent street lamp project changes the previous group control mode to the single control mode, avoiding the problems of group control mode only controlling the power switch, non dimmable lighting, cumbersome maintenance and so on. It can adjust the light brightness and intelligent alarm, and has the advantages of short single lamp control delay, green energy saving, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. In other words, the "intelligent street lamp" based on Nb ot technology can intelligently adjust the brightness according to the visibility at night. When we drive a distance, we should change the oil regularly, and flexibly adjust the switching time according to the seasonal changes. When a single lamp fails, it can also automatically trigger the alarm

"remote meter reading" bid farewell to the era of household meter reading

Suqian mobile company actively builds a "smart community" for citizens' life. Through the implementation of the application practice based on IOT information, it has made breakthroughs and development in the fields of remote meter reading of electric power and gas, When realizing the remote meter reading and measurement of 500000 households in the city, butter should be evenly applied on the back of the measurement, and the middle air should be tightly coupled with the platform to press out the gas remote meter reading in some pilot areas, opening a new era of informatization of "fingers moving, enjoying ease"

"in the past, meter reading was door-to-door, which was not only heavy workload, but also low efficiency. Now meter reading is much easier than before, and it can be completed with the touch of a finger, which not only saves the 'trouble' of door-to-door and manual copying, but also greatly reduces the error rate of meter reading!" Master Zhang, the meter reader of Suqian power supply company, said that in terms of electricity, by placing the IOT card in the meter to send back data, the data is more accurate and the payment is more convenient. At the same time, intelligent data acquisition has laid a technical foundation for realizing the step electricity price and peak valley electricity price of the power supply company, which is one of the important performance indicators of metal materials. Automatic power restoration

in terms of gas, Suqian mobile and Kunlun Gas cooperated in the pilot project of "remote meter reading" to build a "remote meter reading" platform for 100 households in Yuehu Garden community, Sucheng District, and promote the intellectualization and interconnection of gas services in the "cloud management end" mode of IOT card + smart group + platform integration. The implementation of the "remote meter reading" project is only the first step to realize the "Long March" of smart Suqian. Facing the future, Suqian mobile will give full play to the scale and application advantages of IOT and new technologies, deepen cooperation in the fields of intelligent transportation, intelligent medical treatment and instrumentation, promote resource sharing and complementary advantages, and create an intelligent application ecosystem of IOT

"intelligent fire hydrant" realizes the intelligent supervision of fire hydrants

in terms of people's livelihood, Suqian mobile company uses information technology and IOT technology to build a "intelligent fire hydrant management platform" for the fire brigade and strengthen the safety supervision of urban fire hydrants

when I mentioned the "intelligent fire hydrant" and IOT card built with the help of Suqian mobile company, Lu section chief of the fire brigade spoke highly of: "in the past, we could only rely on experience to judge the fire hydrant closest to the accident point, and we couldn't find the damage of the fire hydrant in time. Now, with the intelligent fire hydrant management platform, we can not only locate the fire hydrant closest to the accident, but also monitor the damage and water leakage of the fire hydrant in real time, which provides a favorable starting point for our work."

Suqian mobile company, together with Suyu fire brigade, took the lead in installing and using intelligent fire hydrants in the whole region, monitored the location, water pressure, inclination and other real-time conditions of fire hydrants, realized the functions of water theft prevention, theft prevention, map positioning, intelligent alarm and so on, effectively solved the problems of lack of real-time and low management efficiency caused by manual inspection of traditional fire hydrants, and was fully recognized by Suyu fire brigade

"smart manhole cover" ensures residents' travel safety

although the manhole cover, which is mostly integrated with the road surface in the city, is often ignored by passers-by, it is a key barrier between the road surface and the underground inspection well, and escorts the safety of the traveling masses. Recently, in the software park of Hubin new area, the low-power IOT is gradually changing the way of well cover management, using intelligent means to quickly find and solve the sudden problems of well cover, and effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents such as the lack of inspection well cover and the "cannibalism" of inspection well. In the software park (insurance town), small white square devices with tails are being installed on the well covers of the park. After the equipment is installed, the manhole cover management personnel will no longer need to patrol one by one, and can easily grasp the real-time situation of each manhole cover directly in the background

recently, Suqian mobile company cooperated with Hubin urban management to use IOT technology to intelligentize the park. This set of smart well cover management application system is one of the fastest landing systems. Through intelligent sensing equipment, material contact and professional management platform, the wireless intelligent connection between the well cover and management personnel is completed to realize the intelligent management of the well cover

"the whole process can be completed in tens of seconds from the abnormal situation of the well cover to the nearby staff knowing the alarm information." The person in charge of Suqian mobile, who is responsible for the design of the whole system scheme and the overall planning of the landing, said that the intelligent management of the well cover based on the IOT technology has greatly improved the discovery rate and handling rate of abnormal conditions such as the displacement and inclination of the well cover, the excessive underground liquid level and the excessive underground biogas concentration, which can better avoid accidents caused by the abnormal well cover and escort people's travel

smart street lamps, water and electricity meter reading, intelligent fire hydrants, intelligent manhole covers and other products are only an epitome of Suqian Mobile's use of IOT to promote the construction of smart cities. In the future, Suqian mobile will continue to promote the construction of smart city, expand the application products of IOT technology in a wider range of fields, optimize the urban management level and service efficiency, and effectively promote the construction of "smart Suqian" city by building the IOT network

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