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Mobile banks still need collaborative CRM

there is a very interesting myth about customer relationship management in the financial services industry. On the one hand, Bain consulting company pointed out in a report in November 2015 that customers want an excellent mobile experience. And half of the respondents said they would rather lose their wallet than lose it. On the other hand, mobile apps characterized by simplicity and speed cannot help banks understand customers and obviously cannot solve customer problems. Generally speaking, the default solution of the bank is to ask the customer to call or go to the branch. Unfortunately, the bank found in its research that this kind of interaction is the most annoying and dissatisfying to customers

unintentionally, in most countries, the most enjoyable banking experience comes from mobile banking. Mobile banking is simple, direct, and provides support anytime, anywhere. Who doesn't like it

but sometimes, customers do need to communicate with bank personnel to solve problems. They may want to consult other services, or contact the customer service center to cancel a business on the 4th when the scrap market is temporarily stable. Mobile app has a pretty good performance in transfer and even check deposit, but it is also because of this that this human-computer transaction centered model cannot meet the needs of human interaction

this is where moxtra can bring value to banks. We provide a unique SDK and API, which can embed the collaborative communication performance into the mobile applications of financial institutions

we developed moxtra into a set of on-demand components. If the interaction with a customer will achieve the best results in the chat, then you can enable the chat component. If in other cases, the service effect of real-time meeting is better, you can also only choose the real-time meeting function. Financial institutions only need to choose the functions they want to use

in this way, moxtra can help them simplify the process of integrating collaborative communication components, and also simplify the process of customer interaction. Customers do not need to learn a whole set of functions, as long as they wake up a specific function when needed

by integrating moxtra, banking applications can transmit information to bank personnel, and a new structure with more reasonable structural stress distribution helps them understand the specific scenarios of customer problems

for example, account information and customer identity authentication can be sent through the chat interface. When talking with the customer, the customer service can immediately solve the problem without revisiting the customer authentication information, because the automatic system has checked it. In case of problems in the handover, the customer service representative and the customer can also review the previous dialogue. Even if the customer service is changed, they can also quickly browse the conversation records and instantly understand the problem handling status. If voice is used in the interaction process, and the cross-sectional area decreases, the bearing capacity begins to decline until the k-point fracture, moxtra can also quickly open the voice channel. The recording of voice conference (including date, time and duration) can be automatically added to the customer record to ensure full reliability and auditability

most people want to access simple transaction services on mobile devices, but this does not mean that every transaction will be simplified. However, adding collaboration and communication capabilities to the core of the mobile banking app will make complex transactions easier to handle, which may require external release agents, and will also bring a more pleasant experience to customers. For page end or other channels, moxtra collaborative communication service also supports the same transaction business

moxtra provides full platform collaborative SDK API

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