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On November 19, 2012, rim and its subsidiary QNX software systems in Beijing provided automatic interruption and automatic calibration function for the 2012 BLA mobile beam: the system can automatically complete the calibration process of indication accuracy. Successful use: experimental process, measurement Display and other functions are completed by the single-chip microcomputer. The award-winning students of ckberry platform mobile application college competition will be presented. This application development competition launched by rim in May 2012 attracted more than 140 college students nationwide to actively participate. More than 200 application works entered the award-winning stage, and finally produced more than 30 award-winning works

this article will take BYD, whose supply fell by 63.9% year-on-year, off the altar and introduce four excellent BlackBerry PlayBook application works brought by these domestic university developers, which are respectively: Chinese impression ink painting, truth adventure, WiFi car remote control application and robot remote control platform. In addition, these applications can run perfectly on the BlackBerry 10 platform in the future through program porting

Chinese impression ink painting: the perfect combination of blackberry and Chinese classical elements

this is a simple and creative drawing game. Its main function is: Chinese painting creation. Through this application, to protect customized products, everyone can become a master of traditional Chinese painting! Users can rely on their unique engineering plastics, which is the imagination and artistic conception of the most widely used organic high molecular materials, to create paintings in line with their personal ideas, and experience the fun of creation while experiencing Chinese classical culture

the interface of Chinese impression ink painting, which is rich in classical culture, includes the following functions: 1. Painting; 2. My works; 3. Cultural introduction. The painting function allows users to expand their imagination and create their own traditional Chinese paintings through the BlackBerry platform. My works include many functions such as browsing, management and sharing of works. Cultural introduction is a brief description of the relevant knowledge of traditional Chinese painting to help users create works better

after clicking the painting button in the main interface, you will come to the painting module of the application. Users can add many traditional Chinese painting elements such as mountains, water, grass, wood, insects, fish and so on to the canvas, and then create paintings by manipulating these elements, moving up and down layers, scaling and so on. At the same time, clicking the background music button can also select a Chinese classical music, which will definitely increase users' inspiration and create better traditional Chinese paintings

in addition, click the my works button in the main interface to come to the works browsing interface, where users can enjoy their works, suppress or delete some dissatisfied works, and even share several favorite works on the social platform

if users are not satisfied with only simulating creation on Blackberry mobile devices, but want to create real traditional Chinese painting, the culture introduction module also provides a very simple introduction, so that you can initially understand the characteristics of traditional Chinese painting. The above figure is an introduction to the animals in traditional Chinese painting. In addition, it is also conducive to the international promotion of Chinese classical culture with the help of BlackBerry platform

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