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Mobil ® Youshida ® New upgrade of service brand: professional lubrication, home service

mobil ® Youshida ® Brand new upgrade of service brand: professional lubrication, service home

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on July 25, 2018, Shanghai, China - ExxonMobil recently announced that as an important part of its comprehensive lubrication solution, ExxonMobil Youshida service brand has been upgraded. This time, ExxonMobil has improved and adjusted the original global service system specifically for the Chinese market, which further reflects the brand concept of Mobil Youshida "professional lubrication and home service", and will create a more professional, comprehensive and targeted lubrication solution for Chinese users

the new upgrade conference of Mobil yushida service brand was grandly held at ExxonMobil Asia Pacific lubrication technology center. Representatives of ExxonMobil's customers and dealers, representatives of China Plastic Machinery Industry Association, China Bearing Industry Association, China Construction Machinery Association, China general machinery industry and other industry associations, as well as a number of industry media were invited to the scene to jointly witness the new upgrade of Mobil yushida service brand, And ExxonMobil's determination and strength to provide comprehensive solutions for the Chinese market and help Chinese enterprises develop green

Chen, general manager of market development department of ExxonMobil North Asia, caused small piston damage and even oil leakage. Ms. Yiqing, general manager of industrial lubricants, Mr. Yang Dong, chief engineer of lubricant business in North Asia, Mr. Chen Sixuan Mr. Wang Zhangjun, general manager of commercial marketing department in North Asia (the passive needle cannot be parked in any position from left to right) took a group photo at the launch ceremony of the new upgrade of Mobil Youshida service

Mr. Yang Dong, general manager of industrial lubricants of ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said at the meeting: "With the upgrading of manufacturing technology and equipment, many enterprises in China are bound to need higher performance lubrication products and technical services for continuous innovation and upgrading. This time, the brand-new upgrading of Mobil Youshida service brand is a brand-new service system upgrading launched specifically for Chinese users based on our lubrication management experience of more than 150 years and our industry insight into the Chinese market for many years. We hope that through our The professional service team enables more new and old ExxonMobil users to experience the feeling of 'professional lubrication and home service'. "

Mr. Yang Dong, general manager of industrial lubricants of ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the press conference

the newly upgraded Mobil yushida services mainly include:

· Mobil yushida on-site engineering and technical services: provide a complete set of on-site engineering and technical services to solve challenging lubrication problems, evaluate lubricant compatibility, compare product performance, etc, And support fault analysis

· Mobil yushida oil analysis service: through comprehensive and comprehensive in-service oil detection and analysis, monitor the operating conditions of lubricants and equipment, and predict potential problems of equipment and lubricants in advance, so as to help avoid equipment failures and unplanned downtime and improve productivity

· Mobil yushida lubrication consulting service: Supplement fine testing for oil analysis plan, and provide in-depth analysis and detailed feasible suggestions on equipment and oil products

· Mobil yushida lubrication knowledge lecture: comprehensive training courses are conducted under the guidance of professional engineers to assist factory personnel in implementing and managing more efficient and feasible lubricating oil related measures, so as to improve operation efficiency

· Mobil yushida industry lubrication service solution: Based on a deep understanding of the needs of different industries, provide customers in wind power and other industries with integrated industry lubrication service solutions, covering on-site engineering and technical services, lubrication consulting, oil analysis, equipment performance improvement, etc

the upgraded Mobil yushida service will further improve the stability of the equipment, reduce the maintenance cost, and tap the greater potential of the equipment. Its advantages mainly lie in:

· proficient in equipment lubrication: it has more than 150 years of lubrication management experience and cooperation experience with more than 1000 global equipment manufacturers, which can help different equipment achieve reliable operation

· standard service process: ExxonMobil will provide services through systematic standard process and first-class instruments and equipment, and test more than one million oil products worldwide every year; Its lubricating oil analysis and technical support laboratory in Shanghai has officially passed the CNAs (China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment) assessment and obtained ISO17025 recognition, becoming the first lubricating oil laboratory in China to obtain this recognition among foreign-funded lubricating oil enterprises

· professional service team: ExxonMobil has an experienced team of field engineers and a well-trained professional dealer team, and there are nearly 20000 scientists and engineers around the world, which shows its strong scientific research strength

· efficient and timely response: Mobil Youshida service provides global data network support and digital reporting services, so that users can apply for services and access results at any time; In addition, ExxonMobil is planning to study the remote monitoring of equipment operation and maintenance through AR technology to further help optimize equipment operation and maintenance

Mr. lizhiwei, Dr. mobilun SM, Mr. Dai Xiangyu, mechanical engineer of Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Mr. Shi Huajie, Mr. Yuan Manlin, senior business director of Dongguan Dongfu Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zheng Xiaolong, manager of Shanghai lubricating oil analysis and technical support laboratory (from left to right), expressed their views in the theme discussion session of Dr. mobilun SM

in the theme discussion session of Dr. mobilun SM, Mr. Shi Huajie, an engineer of Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., a leading domestic steel enterprise, expressed his views on the use experience of Mobil yushida services: "Mobil yushida's many services not only help us simplify the equipment lubrication scheme, improve inventory management, but also reduce the oil cost through high-performance lubrication products, help save energy and reduce emissions, and improve production efficiency."

at present, users can consult and apply for relevant services from ExxonMobil authorized dealers or Mobil industrial lubricants officers and official official account

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