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Application downloads are hot and payment is cold: free charge re game

left or right

the development of intelligent and mobile terminals undoubtedly heats up the domestic application software market. But what embarrasses developers is that the game of free and charge between traditional Internet appears again. Whether the application software is "left or right" has also become the focus of the industry's future thinking

however, the rapid growth of mobile Internet has not created a Chinese style tide of app (mobile Internet application) profits. The key point lies in the habit of domestic users - free

Mr. Chen, who has done game development, told that in the charging stage, in order to rank high in the app store, his company spent more than 100000 yuan to spend money, but consumers still didn't buy it. "Once we changed to a free app, the download went up immediately, but the R & D expenses could not be earned back. Finally, we had to choose to delist."

Mr. Chen's experience more or less represents the helplessness of domestic app developers. Relevant statistics show that among China's mobile Internet developers, about 25.2% are profitable, 40.4% are flat, and 34.4% are still losing money. In addition, the income level of these developers is generally low. 34.7% of developers have an annual income of less than 10000 yuan, and only 16.3% of developers with an annual income of 10000-50000 yuan. An industry insider revealed that even among the top ten apps in Apple App mall, few can make profits

"most app users shift from traditional Internet to mobile Internet, and their usage habits inevitably bear the label of free sharing of traditional Internet." Xusongsong, an it commentator, said, "this is also the key to the current popularity of APP downloads but the lack of payment."

free charging

how to balance

in order to change the embarrassment of business, many developers began to adopt the form of "free + advertising" in the hope of making profits by embedding advertising, but the result attracted the criticism of many users

"this app was put into a third-party application mall. Two weeks later, it can be seen from the download data on the application mall that the download volume of this app has exceeded 10000, but many users complain that the embedded ads are annoying and should be removed." Xiao Li, the application developer, said bitterly that as Cangzhou universal experimental machine, which one has good after-sales service, the buyer pays for door-to-door installation and debugging, and now points out the operation, free door-to-door service and installation and debugging within one year Welcome to visit our factory Developers, it is time-consuming and labor-consuming to devote themselves to developing an app. Adding a little advertising is just to stimulate the enthusiasm of developers in order to better develop apps and maintain the upgrade of versions, but domestic users do not understand it

the paid application model is difficult to promote in the domestic market. Now, referring to the profit model of Apple App store, users pay for downloading and then share it with developers. Obviously, this way is not in line with the consumption habits of Chinese users. Free next, Jinan experimental machine factory will introduce in detail the wedge load test and the distinction between it and tensile test. The application is popular but not profitable, so where is the way out of the market

Huang Zhuang, chief operating officer of dim sum technology, said that 99% of the application software in the future will be free, and only 1% will be charged. However, there is a balance between the free and charging of mobile Internet. Behind the free, there are always some hidden charging modes, whether it is advertising revenue or user payment

in addition, some recent changes in the application mall have given developers a glimmer of hope. According to the "September 2011 China app store market monitoring monthly report" released by Analysys think tank industrial database, Apple's paid apps accounted for 56.2% in September 2011, which has exceeded 50% for several consecutive months, indicating that more and more users are willing to "pay" for products that meet their needs

value added services

the way out for the future

in major application malls, we found that different types of apps have different popularity, and there are many varieties of special machines. Statistics show that on all mobile app platforms in the global market, the popular applications are entertainment, games, books, life, utilities and social networking, while domestic users pay close attention to games, utilities and books

Analysys International (Weibo) analysts believe that in Apple App Store applications, users have great demand for business, education, life and game applications. The application of these classifications has a large market and considerable profit prospects. Developers can carry out targeted research and development in these areas

Li Zhongcun, the relevant person in charge of science and technology news of the industry station, believes that strengthening the viscosity of applications is the main factor driving users to reuse applications and make in app shopping

it is reported that although the profit model of domestic apps is not very clear, there are probably two models at present. One is the model of "free app+ embedded advertising", which has the advantage of accumulating more user groups in a short time; There is also a direct charging mode. This mode is difficult for most developers

"free basic services plus value-added services and advertising profits are the only magic weapons for successful enterprises in the Internet era, and the application of mobile Internet must also follow this law." Huang Zhuang said

plant cellulose nanocrystals used as renewable materials for heat insulation and mechanical properties. The dynamic payment market

with the rapid development of mobile applications, payment has gradually entered people's lives and become the most expected payment method this year

recently, TenPay, a well-known domestic payment platform, has successively released multiple versions of client software, such as iPhone, Android and Symbian, and accelerated the speed of version update to provide users with a richer payment experience. According to our personal experience, the latest iPhone client integrates payment and lifestyle applications. Users can recharge their gas cards, repay their credit cards, recharge their phone bills, pay for water and electricity, order air tickets, buy movie tickets and other payment services. Users can log in through their account or email, which is very fast and convenient to use

Xiao Li, an office worker, happily said, "yesterday, I returned my credit card on my way to work. I went shopping with my friends in the evening, went to the gate of the cinema, and ordered 40% off movie tickets with TenPay client. There is no need to queue, carry a lot of cash, and enjoy discounts."

it is reported that consumers like Xiao Li who enter mobile payment life will reach 220million this year and more than 400million in 2013, and the market scale is expected to exceed 20billion yuan. Facing the payment market with a stable growth trend, industry insiders analyzed that this is a larger growth point for third-party payment enterprises and one of the areas that major third-party payment enterprises expand and develop

at present, the three major operators have appeared in the latest batch of payment license list, and have also joined the mobile payment competition system, forming three mobile payment camps with UnionPay and third-party payment companies. According to Wang Hui, an industry veteran, the promotion of mobile payment by operators will further increase their user stickiness. At present, the three major operators are promoting wallets, and users can spend on-site like swiping a bus card. China UnionPay launched its own NFC solution, and joint manufacturers promoted NFC near-field payment. Third party payment enterprises TenPay and Alipay (Weibo) provide rich application scenarios for a large number of online or offline merchants and users to realize remote payment by taking advantage of the payment advantages of the PC terminal to layout the client. Beijing Business Daily

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