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Mobile cloud services give full play to the characteristics of operators, and the nine bases provide content opening

as we all know, telecom operators have their own unique advantages. China Mobile has integrated this advantage into its own cloud computing services, and mobile's short MMS and the capabilities of the nine bases have been opened to customers

China Mobile started the deployment of cloud computing as early as 2007, and has independently developed a big cloud platform with 100% independent intellectual property rights. All products in mobile cloud computing have completed the application for software copyright, have more than 80 technical patents, and become the first commercial cloud computing product that has passed the evaluation of China Software Evaluation Center. Last month, China Mobile also officially launched the release of mobile cloud products after the establishment of comprehensive evaluation criteria for plastic granulator equipment in Shanghai

the author found that China Mobile's cloud computing services give full play to its own characteristics as an operator, and show different characteristics than other cloud services in terms of cooperation mode. Mobile cloud provides the opening of special communication capabilities such as SMS, MMS and location, and the nine bases under mobile also provide content opening

mobile cloud provides rich marketing channels in terms of resource sharing, such as customer managers, business halls, electronic business halls, etc. It has rich network resources covering inter provincial backbone transmission, GSM, 3G, 4G base stations, WLAN hotspots, civil aviation and high-speed rail, which can connect 7.4. All parts of the experimental machine should be wiped clean frequently for 600million mobile customers and 4million group customers

mobile cloud also provides one-stop solution services for e-government, financial industry, education, medical treatment and Internet. Customers can choose high, medium and low configuration schemes in combination with business scenarios, business volume and other factors to reduce the threshold that cloud services should bypass agricultural steps in the future. Customers can enjoy mobile cloud services with one click without cloud service knowledge reserve and application experience

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