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Mobile commerce Expert Committee: 3G not only has entertainment function

on April 16, the "2010 China Mobile Commerce Development Forum" was held in Beijing today. The forum took the development trend of enterprise applications in the new mobile commerce era as the starting point, and invited relevant leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology, operators, well-known mobile commerce service providers, industry experts, as well as many experience and explorers of mobile commerce services, It is a sliding friction for enterprises in the new era of mobile commerce to discuss the development prospects of mobile information construction and enterprise level mobile commerce applications

figure: Wang Rulin, deputy director of the mobile commerce Expert Committee

the following is the full text of Wang Rulin, deputy director of the mobile commerce Expert Committee:

Wang Rulin: Hello! I'm very glad to participate in today's meeting. As the development of mobile commerce, we should have some thoughts and comments if we want to hold a real forum. Therefore, I'm very willing to take the opportunity of today's forum to change the general toast, talk about some development thinking, and lead you a way, or be a butterfly

the topic of my speech is: China's mobile commerce will usher in the spring of development

after more than ten years of development, China's e-commerce has four major changes. In terms of business model, it has realized the transformation from qualitative model to innovative model. In terms of application, it has realized the transformation from low-end application to high-end deep application. In the utilization and development of information resources, from general resource development to deep development. In terms of resource integration, it began to realize the transformation from single application to multiple applications and integrated value-added applications. A large number of e-commerce stations with brand value and influence have stood up and grown up, a number of e-trading markets with industry characteristics have been cultivated, a number of equipment and software manufacturers with innovative ability and value-added role have been developed, and a large number of Chinese merchants have grown up, from the lying lion to the arrow lion

although the current international financial crisis is still spreading and spreading, e-commerce has shown great power in facing the financial crisis. It has not only become a strong driving force and firm support for us to face the crisis and get out of difficulties, but also helped a considerable number of enterprises to develop rapidly in the adverse trend. Practice has proved that e-commerce has become an objective requirement and inevitable choice for us to take the new road of industrialization, an effective means to promote the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of economic growth mode, an effective means to promote the flow of commodity and resource elements and reduce transaction costs, and an effective means to deal with global economic challenges, win the advantages of global resource allocation and grasp the initiative. Especially in the past two years, with the introduction of 3G, China's mobile commerce has achieved rapid development, thanks to China's largest mobile commerce market in the world, China's most extensive customer resources for mobile commerce, China's most suitable cultural environment for the development of mobile commerce, China's most vigorous business opportunities for the development of mobile commerce, and China's largest value-added space for the development of mobile commerce

according to the data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology not long ago, the number of users and shangmin in China has exceeded 740million and 230million respectively in 2009. This has laid the foundation of customer resources for the development of mobile commerce, and the three major operators have generally lowered their tariffs, which has lowered the threshold for people to enter mobile commerce. However, there are many articles and discussions in the current public opinion, which believe that the first two are the fundamental reasons for the development of China's mobile commerce. I am willing to put forward the views of our expert advisory committee here today. Experts do not appreciate that view and believe that it is not the root cause. Please note that since the beginning of this year, there have been four breakthroughs in mobile commerce. These four breakthroughs are:

first, on March 10, China Mobile invested nearly 40 billion shares in the Pudong issue, seizing the strategic resources of mobile, showing the great capital

second, the China E-Commerce Association set up the mobile commerce Expert Advisory Committee of the China E-Commerce Association on the 9th a few days ago to form a national expert team for 3G Application and theoretical research and development, a high-level think tank, determined to strengthen the strategic research and theoretical construction of 3G development. At the meeting, the expert advisory committee has signed publishing contracts for theoretical research and development books with three publishing houses. It is expected that 24 serialized 3G research and development theoretical books will be published from the end of this year to next year. This reflects the rise of intangible assets in the field of mobile commerce and 3G development

third, from the perspective of applying for the national mobile commerce development pilot, the Information Technology Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology has obtained 147 projects from 30 provinces and cities, which shows the great determination of all regions to promote the development of mobile commerce. At the same time, it should be noted that there have been many innovative developments in mobile commerce application technology. In addition, there have been many innovative developments in the mode innovation of mobile marketing. In terms of technology, such as the successful development of the new generation of station building technology of Yimei softcom, which breaks through the previous station building idea that complex code must be written to build a mobile station. Using the station building platform, it can not only be fast, concise, but also beautiful and generous, and establish a powerful station, which is extremely conducive to the development of business activities

not only that, the great significance of this technology is that it will lead mobile commerce and 3G applications, and realize the transformation from entertainment applications to business applications. In terms of marketing mode, in the past two years, many mobile application companies and software companies have explored many aspects, including dynamic marketing mode, advertising marketing mode, cultural marketing mode, experience marketing mode, and the integrated marketing mode of mobile commerce and network. These five innovations are comprehensive innovations in the development of mobile commerce in terms of marketing mode, marketing ideas and marketing methods. It can be said that from the perspective of marketing, these five innovations have been ahead of the world. In view of this, people feel that we are no longer leading a new 3G life by simply listening to songs, downloading and watching TV, nor simply going online quickly. The popularity of notebooks, watching TV, downloading ringtones, and the convenience of sending and receiving e-mail are not only the convenience of swiping tickets and swiping cards by car, but also show new business uses and functions. In particular, mobile commerce has opened the door to integration with industrialization, and opened the gate for convenient commerce and innovative marketing

therefore, it will have great value and role in promoting enterprise transformation, economic development and coping with the current financial crisis. For example, in dealing with the current enterprise transformation, there are many ways for enterprise transformation. For example, the initial customer feedback of 3D sprint 2.5 can save more than 75% to support the circular economy of generating and printing slices, such as the development of low-carbon industries, such as price reform, such as R & D innovation, etc. All these innovations have great energy and role in the application of mobile commerce. I will give you an example here. This example shows that in many small and medium-sized enterprises and business applications, Bayer Group plans to list covestro in 2016 at the latest. The value and role of mobile commerce in enterprise transformation is huge. Let's take glasses as an example. Glasses are an important export product of our country, and glasses are also the products that were first impacted by foreign countries in response to the financial crisis. The glasses products of many provinces and cities in Dongguan and Shenzhen are first faced with foreign anti-dumping. One of the important reasons is that our glasses products are of low grade, which makes foreign processing plants. How do glasses enterprises transform? When I went to Shenzhen to investigate, they told me that our processing ability was very strong, our equipment was very strong, our personnel was very strong, our brand did not exist, and the product value of our new pole sealing sequence was very low. Three are very strong and two are very low. What needs to be changed is to improve the added value of products and the scientific and technological content of products. Develop 3G, stereo games, video glasses in 3G applications, solar glasses with automatic charging, glasses for mobile cinemas, etc. there are 15 new products that can be developed to adapt to the development of 3G. The R & D of these products can realize the appreciation of all the products of the original enterprises without the need for enterprises to replace equipment or reduce personnel

for a long time, we used 3G applications only as a tool for listening to songs, downloading and watching movies, but in fact, we ignored its important economic value. The application of mobile commerce can not only give us innovative thinking, but also improve our convenience and fast management ability. For example, in the field of manufacturing, agile manufacturing can be realized. Agile manufacturing is a new and important strategic decision put forward by professors of American offshore University in 1991. Producing this strategic thinking can improve the competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry. How to adopt this? You see, it can realize automatic material allocation and dynamic operation management, not only for playing, not only for watching movies, not only for watching woolen films, but also for improving the ability to deal with trade barriers

as we said just now, glasses face trade barriers. At present, trade barriers have become a trade protection measure adopted by some countries in international competition. Our country has a strong demand for trade barriers, and many products face such problems. Therefore, in addition to dealing with trade barriers, how to deal with it? Let me introduce something to you. What else can we do to build digital brands on products? Mobile shopping malls and stores can also be built. Through the construction of stores, farmers can receive information at home and send orders. They can also be widely used in hospitals, sickbeds, logistics and other fields. In particular, it can enable us to organize the intellectual resources of society, mobilize the Ministry of social talents and make it flow in an orderly manner. We can also carry out in-depth development in many aspects, such as the current Chinese technology, mobile Shangbao technology, codeless website building technology, etc., which will further promote and promote the development of mobile commerce. This is what President Li wants to introduce below, and I won't talk about it more

it is these developments that promote the development of new mobile marketing models. Because of time, I would like to introduce experience marketing and cultural marketing. Experience marketing looks very comfortable and feels very cordial. The earliest experience is Starbuck. The experience in the film is Party A and Party B. There are too many experiences in our life and too many experience halls in mobile. However, the current experience hall has left the network and changed the upper experience hall into an expanded operation experience hall, which has lost the characteristics of the network and the nature of mobile. It should be added to mobile products and delivered the experience with innovative services, Provide business model, lead experience, share virtual environment, experience together, create experience business, make people feel experience, so that experience marketing can achieve rapid development

for example, Chang'an automobile used marketing to experience. In a short period of nine days, 3000 subscribers experienced booking. This is also a case of experience marketing. Glasses can be customized synchronously on Shang and Shang. This is a case of cultural experience marketing. During the 17th CPC National Congress, Xinhua news agency used these experience subscribers of cultural marketing for five periods, reaching 120million, creating an economic value of 600 million. Let's look at this foreign case. This is Japan's four camps

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