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"Mobile 4g+ construction machinery" makes the manufacturing industry "fly"

"mobile 4g+ construction machinery" makes the manufacturing industry "fly"

China Construction machinery information

on July 12, Xinjiang Horgos port, another batch of XCMG cranes exported to Uzbekistan left the country from this port and entered foreign construction. At this time, in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, 4000 kilometers away, a message pops up in the monitoring screen of the IOT intelligent management center of XCMG lifting machinery business department based on the mobile 4G network: "departure reminder! The vehicle is about to leave from Horgos port, please be prepared for service."

departure monitoring is only a specific application of XCMG's IOT industrial chain ecosystem. At present, with the continuous in-depth development of the concept of "Internet +", XCMG group takes IOT as the breakthrough point, combined with big data mining and analysis, continues to improve product quality, capture personalized needs, optimize customer experience, and force management improvement, so as to create an industrial chain ecosystem, meet the new challenges and opportunities in the era of "Internet +", and fully promote industrial reform

the core problem of IOT of construction machinery is integrated communication. However, due to the characteristics of high data acquisition frequency, large data transmission volume (4) host 1 must be grounded, bad electromagnetic environment in the area of use, large roaming range of construction machinery (global range), the transmission bandwidth is highly required. In addition, the working environment is generally remote, so broadband deployment becomes a problem

in order to meet the above requirements, Xuzhou branch of China Mobile Communications Group Jiangsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xuzhou mobile"), which cooperates with XCMG to promote the development of IOT, has developed 4G intelligent communication products, Zhangqiliang, general manager of XCMG information company, said, "this product has certain data caching, filtering and analysis capabilities, and can automatically switch available networks to ensure that data is transmitted to our enterprise customer service center as much as possible."

4g automatic detection

one pair of fixed position monitoring for each ex factory product

solve the problem of punching shear force difference in hot forming processing of recycled materials. In the morning of July 18, in XCMG heavy IOT commissioning center, we noticed that the numbers on the display kept changing, and the real-time status data of vehicles were constantly presented. This is a crane that has just been used for liquid filtration. The sales of glass fiber composite materials will reach US $5.8 billion in 2018. The crane is being tested on the road. The staff can clearly monitor the driving speed, engine speed, water temperature and other data of the vehicle through the screen to test various performances. Only after all the performances meet the standard, the IOT system will recognize the quality as qualified and allow the vehicle to be put into storage

Zhang Qiliang introduced that the product positioning monitoring system of XCMG currently has six categories of products, including pavers, excavators, cranes, rotary drilling rigs, which have achieved monitoring and management. "We take advantage of the ubiquitous mobile 4G network to guide users' operations remotely. When remote diagnosis cannot eliminate faults, the customer service center finds the service vehicle and service personnel closest to the faulty equipment through GPS and 4G network positioning, and guides the front-line service engineers to rush to the customer's construction site through map navigation, so as to win time for customers to eliminate equipment faults."

it is understood that at present, in the process of product manufacturing and debugging, based on the 4G communication platform, XCMG IOT can automatically obtain relevant data, and ensure the quality of each ex factory product through functions such as debugging process monitoring and real-time analysis of operating parameters. At the same time, for large tonnage, new products, major improvements and upgrades and other products that need to be focused on, technical R & D personnel can carry out one-on-one tracking on the IOT platform, take the customer construction data as the product market performance sample, focus on monitoring more than 100 key indicators, judge whether the product construction performance meets the design requirements through the analysis of the indicator threshold, and establish the product optimization and upgrading model, Promote the continuous optimization and upgrading of key products. From design to debugging, to market feedback, and then to optimization and upgrading, through IOT, we have achieved a round after round efficient cycle of product quality improvement

4g space control

smart driven self-service platform

in the past, the relationship between enterprises and customers was a single and irreversible "physical" connection, such as production, manufacturing and sales. Under the new normal, XCMG crane, concrete machinery, road machinery, shovel machinery, excavators and other business units are gradually transforming this "physical" connection into a viscous "chemical" connection through "interconnection + IOT" to achieve interaction with customers

XCMG has not only achieved interconnection in China, but also relevant managers can see the real-time operation of vehicles in South America, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Myanmar, Laos and other countries and regions in real time through the 4G network. With the functional support of IOT software platform, customers can effectively monitor all devices distributed worldwide, and obtain the location, time, status, early warning, fault and other information of monitoring targets in real time through the high-speed transmission speed of 4G network. XCMG IOT provides tools for the integration and management of global inventory resources and service resources, realizes the interconnection of equipment and equipment, equipment and people, and people to people, and realizes the "zero distance" of global services

based on mobile 4G big data analysis, it can also meet the management needs of XCMG's host factories in product research and development, market analysis, marketing, financial leasing, logistics monitoring, after-sales service, and provide diversified and multi angle data analysis and mining and statistical reports to assist host factories in product research and development, precision marketing, intelligent risk control, visual logistics, preventive maintenance, etc. supported by data information; Provide safe, efficient and accurate support tools for customers' management needs such as construction site, safety assurance, repair and maintenance, and help customers realize refined construction, fleet management, e-commerce, etc

at the same time, the IOT system of each business unit of XCMG group also customized a self-service platform for customers. Customers can see the geographical location, working time, historical trajectory, health status and other information of products anytime and anywhere through computers or logging in to the system, with the help of mobile 4G networks. All the information of products is in their hands

4g call center

build XCMG's new ability of pre-sale, in sale and after-sale

in January 2011, XCMG group was successfully opened. With the evolution of wireless communication technology, the customer service center is committed to providing timely, effective and value-added services for customers with the help of mobile 4G technology, which is of great significance for XCMG to shape a new image of group services and establish a new scale of industry services

service is an important part of a brand. XCMG 400 is built as a communication center, a customer satisfaction improvement center, a customer behavior analysis center, and a product marketing and promotion center. Through the support of in-depth service for the internal management monitoring of the enterprise, the upgrading of marketing personnel and service objects in the enterprise, as well as the management of dealers' sales channels, the service can be in place in one step, giving customers the impression of the friction between professional service pieces and cutting tools, and improving customer satisfaction, Strengthen the brand influence of the group

relying on the mobile 4G communication network, the 400 mainly receives service point consulting, product price consulting, technical support consulting, product complaints, service complaints, repair and spare parts consulting and sales businesses. Through a unified platform and standardized process, it accepts, follows up, pays a return visit, surveys and analyzes customer satisfaction, realizes all-round services before, during and after sales, and integrates with SMS, Speed up the notification and feedback of the system

as the annual key project of the IOT R & D center of construction machinery, the call center platform realizes the operation monitoring of the sold products, the monitoring and evaluation of service quality, and the remote fault diagnosis by organically integrating the CRM system, the SRM system, the M2M system, the gps/lbs system, and the OTA card system, so as to improve the work efficiency. When customers seek technical support through the call center, data intelligent matching, customer service personnel can immediately call out customer information and purchase equipment information from the database, and use the information collection controller installed on the equipment to remotely obtain the current equipment data information for analysis and diagnosis, so as to realize customer service platform scheduling. At present, XCMG's call center has opened 16 seats, handling an average of 2000 calls per day, bringing the company more than 20000 yuan of revenue per month, and truly achieving a double harvest of revenue benefits and industry influence

"Internet + manufacturing" has entered people's vision with the attitude of "flash man". In the future, who has the ability to control and move as needed will eventually seize the market. As a technical service provider of intelligent overall solutions, Xuzhou mobile is committed to exploring new ideas, new tricks and new values of Internet + manufacturing, and helping Xuzhou Construction machinery manufacturing industry succeed in reshaping the industrial pattern

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