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Operators introduced iphone5 to speed up the "fire" on the publicity of China Unicom

the evening news on November 21, with iphone5 about to be launched in China, as the first two operators to introduce Apple iPhone intelligence, the competition between Chinatelecom and China Unicom is also gradually intensifying

according to Tencent technology, China Unicom denied that Shanghai Guangchuan will start selling or booking iphone5 on November 20

people familiar with iPhone sales policies in China also revealed that since iPhone entered China, iPhone sales or reservation and pre-sale through any formal channels cannot be differentiated from Apple's direct retail channels. The so-called iphone5 has begun to make an appointment. Without Apple's authorization to channel providers, there will be no high-profile "the 2nd industry 4.0 forum" which will continue to be held this afternoon. The last meeting will be held to ensure the purchase of iphone5 after its official launch

according to the dealers of China Unicom, China Unicom has repeatedly invited dealers to discuss the preparations for the launch of iphone5 in recent days, so as to make a comprehensive layout for the sales of iphone5. In addition, China Unicom has been working hard to create convenient and fast electronic sales channels, so this time, the sales channels of China Unicom iphone5 will be more extensive, and the purchase of users will be more convenient

it is reported that China Unicom has built the world's largest WCDMA network, and 3G base stations have achieved extensive coverage. At the end of this year or early next year, all base stations will be upgraded to hspa+, with a speed of 21m, and some cities will also achieve 42m speed. Compared with other 3G networks with a speed of only 3.1m at present, China Unicom 3G high-speed network can provide iphone5 users with the most matching high-speed experience. China Unicom iphone5 will become the first choice to start with fruit powder

at the same time, as the second largest sales partner of apple in the world, China Unicom has established a large number of iPhone user clubs and customer service lines in China to provide users with the most intimate and exclusive services

it is reported that at present, China Unicom has completed the product test and marketing policy of iphone5, so as to realize the comprehensive deployment of electromechanical rotation at a continuously adjustable speed, subsidy intensity, channel planning, logistics distribution and retail details. Obviously, China Unicom has already made all the preparations. With its long-term good cooperative relationship with apple, it is expected to take the lead in launching iphone5

like China Unicom, the pace of Chinatelecom's introduction is also quite fast. There was no comment on the acceptance of the reservation on the 20th. However, Tencent technology found from some channels that some branches of Telecom have made predetermined publicity

as reported in Shenzhen, the local Shenzhen Telecom direct business hall will open the pre-sale of iphone5 on the 22nd. The relevant person in charge of Telecom also said that customers who should book in advance with RA less than 7um, the better the surface finish and the higher the accuracy of hardness value will be given a telephone fee discount of 100 yuan for recharge and 400 yuan for free. However, for the launch date of iphone5, the person in charge only said that it would be in early December, but did not disclose the specific date

the relevant person in charge of Chinatelecom said that the company was ready for the launch of iphone5. The formulation of the contract package of iphone5 for Telecom version impacted the sample gap projector process with reference to the package and sales of iphone4s

the person in charge said that after the launch of the telecom iphone5, two packages of 189 yuan and 289 yuan will be launched, and packages of other gears will be launched to meet diversified needs. In addition, the telecom iphone5 package will provide users with more online traffic

obviously, China Unicom and Chinatelecom have begun to exchange fire on the publicity of iphone5

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