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Operators compete for the first opportunity in payment business. Unicom will try to commercialize next month

China Unicom 1 is focusing on the industrialization of basic products of new chemical materials. Relevant people in the product innovation Department of China Unicom will give full play to their talent advantages and material R & D advantages. An official revealed yesterday that Unicom's payment business will be officially put into commercial use in November. The first batch of pilot cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing. After the official commercial use, it will be promoted to other parts of the country according to the situation of the pilot cities

China Federation L2 - total length 120; L1 - initial distance between clamps 86 ± 5; L0 - distance between markings 40 ± 0.5; D - thickness (see 6.1); Simpass mobile payment technology provided by clench company is used in the payment business. There are three forms of this technical solution: one is a customized solution, which users need to replace. At present, some contents and terms have been revised. China Unicom has reached customized agreements with Tianyu, Changhong and other domestic manufacturers

the second is "sim+ antenna". Users do not need to replace it, but they need to replace a SIM card in the business hall. There is also an external film coating scheme, which has not been officially launched

at present, China Unicom has launched the "Unicom all in one card" service with Beijing municipal transportation all in one card company. Users of Beijing Unicom can take the bus and subway with built-in payment business, or swipe in cooperative merchants

previously, Chinatelecom was also promoting payment projects. Wing payment service is a comprehensive payment service provided by Chinatelecom for users. After applying for wing payment service, users will obtain wing payment card with built-in wing payment account and local municipal bus all-in-one card E-wallet. Users can not only use wing payment account for remote and near-field payment, but also deposit money in the special municipal bus or City all-in-one card e-wallet built on wing payment card, It can also be used for on-site consumption in the areas covered by local municipal bus all-in-one card or city all-in-one card, such as buses, subways, taxis, special merchants (supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.). The current layout of China Mobile is similar, but it has not carried out a larger scale commercial promotion

Ouyang Weimin, director of the payment and Settlement Department of the central bank, said that the central bank will vigorously promote the development of mobile payment in the next step, so that many financial businesses can be embedded in payment

in addition to operators, mobile payment has also become the focus of many independent third-party payment enterprises. For example, Yibao payment has now cooperated with payment middleware manufacturers such as Nokia and related companies of MTK, intending to implant more mobile application services in the background

"the key of mobile payment at present is to solve the convenience problem under the security guarantee," guanguoguang, CEO of fast money, said yesterday that fast money has begun to promote the "payment open platform" for merchants to realize diversified mobile payment through credit card and debit card payment, and promote mobile payment business by combining the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. It is expected to achieve a net growth rate of more than 100% of related businesses by the end of the year

in Guan Guoguang's view, all relevant payment applications that people realize on the PC terminal today may appear on the terminal in the near future; At the same time, payment terminals will also be diversified, and a variety of other mobile devices will also integrate payment functions

According to the report of Analysys International, the scale of China's payment market reached 1.974 billion yuan in 2009, and the compound annual growth rate in the past three years will reach 70.40%. First finance

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