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Operators compete for terminals. Apple Deli ranks first among the top 500 companies, surpassing China Mobile.

on July 9, the fortune 2012 list of the world's top 500 companies was released. With its strong performance in the market last year, apple jumped from 111th to 55th, surpassing China Mobile for the first time

turning to last year's list, China Mobile ranked 87th, ahead of Apple by 24. This year, apple left behind a number of technology giants with a huge revenue of $108.2 billion and a profit of $25.9 billion

the industry generally believes that the combined profits of China's three major telecom operators are not as good as apple. In order to compete for the number of 3G users, China Unicom and Chinatelecom have given Apple iPhone4 high subsidies. Domestic operators should stop this vicious competition and increase network and technology investment, rather than blindly relying on apple to bind users

the daily economy learned that the Fortune Global 500 ranked enterprises according to their operating income. Apple far surpassed China Mobile in terms of revenue and net profit. Apple's profit in 2011 was $25.92 billion, while China Mobile's was only 125.9 billion yuan, less than $20billion. As a domestic enterprise with the highest revenue and profits in the field of science and technology, China Mobile's revenue increased by only 8% last year

of course, in Apple's huge income, China's fruit powder has also made a significant contribution

Apple's financial report for the second quarter of 2012 showed that in the whole greater China region, Apple's revenue for the quarter reached a record $7.9 billion, a year-on-year increase of three times. Apple's iPhone sales increased to 35million from 18.6 million in the same period last year, while iPhone sales in Greater China were five times that of the same period last year. Naturally, the pursuit of iPhone by Chinese fruit fans is inseparable from the sales competition of the three major operators

in September, 2010, when Unicom iPhone4 was hyped vigorously, especially China Mobile, a factory with on-site compactors or large garbage cans, did not stop competing for iPhone4 users. In addition to providing card cutting services for iPhone4 users, China Mobile's local branches have also launched initiatives to pre deposit phone bills and send iPhone4 to grab high-end users. After Chinatelecom obtained the sales right of e4s, the largest EPS manufacturer in the world, it began to sell with high subsidies. China Mobile followed suit and sold iphone4s in its branches. Hardware and electrical home page title "hardware and electrical - hardware and electrical industry network marketing service providers"

the close combat of the three operators led to a sharp increase in the cost of subsidies to manufacturers. In the first quarter of this year, China Unicom lost 2.03 billion yuan in sales, of which the 3G subsidy cost was 1.98 billion yuan, an increase of 3.9% over the same period last year. Wang Xiaochu, chairman and CEO of Chinatelecom, said that the appearance fatigue testing machine is one of the most widely used equipment in many industries. When Chinatelecom launched iphone4s this year, it is inevitable to continue to increase subsidies, which will affect the profitability of this year, but in the long run, it will contribute to revenue growth

in this regard, some insiders said that the three operators competing for subsidies for apple can only bring huge economic losses to themselves, and will not bind users. Operators should not fight for apple, but technology and services

majihua, a well-known telecommunications expert, said in an interview that apple not only surpassed China Mobile, but also many old IT giants in this list, because Apple's own development is very fast, and other companies grow relatively slowly. It cannot be denied that Apple has brought rapid growth in the number of users to operators, but it has also consumed their profits. Whether operators still need to subsidize apple to obtain users in the future depends on whether Apple can maintain a strong attraction to users

he also believes that the ups and downs of the ranking of technology enterprises have also brought enlightenment to domestic enterprises. Apple is undoubtedly successful, but it is difficult to surpass the brilliance of iPhone4 in the future. If the next generation iPhone can continue to maintain its original appeal, I think operators will still rush to cooperate with it. If they want to have greater dominance, they must innovate and improve products to get rid of their dependence on terminals. (daily economy)

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