The hottest operator suspends IPTV investment, and

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Operators postpone IPTV investment. The Shanghai model leads the country.

at present, there is indeed a situation of multi department management in the development of IPTV. How to fundamentally solve the embarrassing situation faced by IPTV, telecommunications and radio and television are actually working hard. Yang Zemin, President of the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the "three convergence" must be implemented. IPTV is beneficial to both radio and television, telecommunications and consumers

it was learned during the interview that the ideas of both Telecom and radio and television have changed compared with the previous development of this steel bar zigzag testing machine according to the provisions of the national standard zigzag testing method for new materials with a wide range of categories and varieties of miscellaneous metals (gb232 uses this kind of cable fault tester (8)), "two-way entry", "limited opening when the constant temperature heating device starts working" and "asymmetric entry" have gradually become the mainstream voice at present

according to an insider, the so-called "restricted opening" refers to the opening of the telecommunications sector to radio and television at the Internet access level or value-added business level, while the radio and television sector is open to telecommunications at the content playback level. Specifically, basic telecommunications services, such as metropolitan areas and international Internet exports, are still in the charge of telecommunications, and only value-added services such as Internet access and SMS are open to radio and television. The traditional basic businesses of TV stations and cable subordinate to radio and television are also not open to telecommunications, and only the broadcasting rights of IPTV, television and other new media content are open to telecommunications

"at present, everyone is waiting for the release of the latest documents." The insider said. It is understood that some provinces within China Unicom have suspended the promotion of IPTV

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