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Operators seek change amid difficulties: Mobile cooperation "traffic red envelope"

on June 24, 2014, China Mobile Guangdong Branch reached a cooperation with Tencent to officially launch the traffic red envelope business in. China mobile users in Guangdong Province can buy small traffic packets at an ultra-low price and distribute them to their friends in the form of red packets

although as early as early as may, Guangdong Unicom took the lead in launching the cooperation of grabbing traffic red envelopes. However, Jinfa has achieved a major breakthrough in the sales of transportation, commercial vehicles and UAV industry; In the field of passenger cars that require long-term material certification, the cooperation between China Mobile and Tencent is more symbolic in the eyes of everyone, due to the huge number of users of China Mobile and the charging event that caused uproar last year

this is regarded by insiders as an ice breaking move. If the cooperation between Guangdong Mobile and is effective, it will be extended to the whole country as soon as possible

however, according to the 21st Century Business Herald, the cooperation between Guangdong Mobile and is still a little cautious. In essence, users buy traffic at a preferential price and then give it to their friends, which is equivalent to a preferential promotional activity. It is not the backward charging that we expect, that is, the enterprise pays for it and the users use it free of charge

mobile cooperation play method

the specific play method of Guangdong Mobile's jointly launching the traffic grabbing red envelope activity is: users first pay attention to Guangdong Mobile's 10086 official official account, participate in the traffic grabbing red envelope series activities, and can buy small traffic packets at a low price, and then distribute them to circles of friends, groups or friends in the form of red envelopes

there are two specific flow package prices: 1 yuan 10m (10 full sales), or 3 yuan 50m (5 full sales). For example, users can spend 15 yuan to buy 250m traffic, and send it to 5 friends at most, with 50m traffic per person

in fact, according to the comparison of 21st Century Business Herald, the current tariff of mobile in this price comparison, especially after the last round of 4G price reduction, is not particularly preferential. It is basically consistent with the 10 yuan 100m price of the month end refueling package launched by China Mobile. Therefore, this is essentially a promotional cooperation

during the Chinese new year last year, the red envelope grabbing that suddenly became popular in the group has been accepted by more and more people, as well as more and more followers. For example, after didi stopped giving subsidies to users recently, it changed to grab small red envelopes. Check whether the water, electricity and gas systems of the equipment are normal. After taking a taxi, a certain number of didi red envelopes may be obtained at random. After a friend grabs them, he can deduct the fare the next time he uses the software to take a taxi. In addition, there are JD red envelopes and so on

in terms of cooperation, the fastest moving operator is not China Mobile. On the other hand, it is Guangdong Unicom. Following the cooperation of Woka, Guangdong Unicom took the lead in launching the activity of grabbing traffic red envelopes in May this year

Guangdong Unicom insiders told 21st Century Business Herald that their traffic grabbing red envelope activities are not just online, but can be forwarded through SMS, Sina Weibo, space and other social networks. The core is to share traffic through Unicom's own tongwo platform

the traffic red packet of Unicom is not that users buy a specified amount of traffic, but that users get it free by signing in and sharing it with friends

according to the internal data obtained by the 21st Century Business Herald, the red envelope of Guangdong Unicom was officially launched on May 20, with 10000 participating users on the first day. Next: 300000 on May 27, 400000 on May 28, 500000 on May 29, 600000 on May 30, and 800000 on June 1. As of June 2, the hydrolysis of nylon was accelerated by high temperature, and the total number of users involved in one month has been close to 2million

in addition, in addition to Guangdong, China Unicom branches in Guangxi, Hunan and other provinces have followed up or are preparing traffic red packet services

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