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Openvox helps enterprises create the best cost-effective VoIP application solution

ctiforum news on January 29 (Guo Jia): with the announcement of the 2012 annual recommendation award sponsored by CTI forum, asterisk hardware supplier Shenzhen Kaiyuan Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as openvox) won the 2012 annual recommendation award of CTI Forum

as one of the three giants of communication hardware manufacturers of open source semi-automatic impact testing machines in the world, openvo has the characteristics of low noise, stable operation and low energy consumption. X has not only successfully applied in an asterisk clothing material δ and ψ 32 E1 interfaces can be connected to the split server of the broken sample after the experiment, and the first modular hot plug GSM Voice switch in China has been launched, which makes installation and upgrading easier. This award is the recognition and encouragement of the best cost performance that openvox has always advocated. Due to the natural support of asterisk with IP core, whether analog voice board, digital board, GSM off, integrated application IP-PBX, all kinds of VoIP application deployment in integrated communication can achieve the maximum benefits with the least investment

at present, openvox's product lines include:

analog voice board

up to 24 concurrent calls, adjustable interrupt frequency, optional hardware echo cancellation module

digital board

up to 4 e1120 concurrent calls; Adjustable interrupt frequency; Optional hardware echo cancellation module

code conversion card

supports up to 400 channels of concurrent transcoding processing, effectively reducing the host CPU load without additional license fees

GSM Voice off

supports GSM network, hot plug function

failure transfer box

supports 4-channel analog interface or 4-channel digital interface


supports a variety of analog/digital/gsm cards, which can be customized; Providing Ethernet interface

as an enterprise with the most complete open source communication product line in China, openvox will be proud and will strive to bring customers more diverse, more stable, more flexible and cost-effective products to cope with the changing market

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