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Quality analysis and control of folding cartons

with the continuous development of packaging and printing, folding cartons are increasingly enriched in the market. Many product packaging boxes are changed from plastic, wood, tinplate and so on to folding paper packaging boxes. The packaging box products printed with paper materials can break through the previous packaging limitations and give full play to the advantages of good physical properties of paper and printing applicability. Through the physical properties of paper and the adaptability of printing, we can design exquisite patterns and shapes, which can be realized by various processing and molding methods of the printing factory. Thus, the added value of the product is increased and the sales ability is improved. Folding carton has the following characteristics: packaging, protection, convenience, display, display, artistry, environmental protection and economic efficiency, which is favored by the majority of product manufacturers

capacity - it can reliably contain the specified items and quantities

protective - it can be loaded, unloaded, transported, stored, displayed and sold without damage

convenience - convenient transportation, loading and unloading, stacking, display, sales, carrying, unsealing, use and disposal

display - obvious discrimination. It has its own remarkable characteristics on the shelves of a wide range of markets, which can enable people to quickly identify it

display - good display and display effect. It is attractive and tempts consumers to buy

. Artistry - good artistic effect makes customers love it after buying

environmental protection - convenient for recycling and treatment, in line with environmental protection requirements

economy - reducing costs has good economy

however, many folding cartons have various quality problems in the circulation of the market. This must arouse the attention of our packaging and printing workers, and we must carefully analyze these problems

the root of the problem must be solved pertinently. In order to improve the quality of folding cartons, I think we must start from the following aspects:

1. Design

our packaging users expect us to push their products through the old and bring forth the new in the packaging box, so that consumers have a new feeling, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion. Therefore, design is a crucial part of folding carton quality assurance. It must achieve the comprehensive embodiment effect of pattern, color and text, highlight the main body, and consider the feasibility and actual effect of plate making, printing and post-processing. In the use of color, reduce the color or overlapping color as much as possible, except for spot color in special cases. In writing, the arrangement and combination of words and patterns must be proper. Try to avoid using too thin and small Yin and Yang fonts. Avoid unnecessary cumbersome and complex pattern structure, which will bring difficulties to printing

2. Paper

for paper, it should be considered that after loading the product, it can remain upright and not be damaged during transportation. We must choose a certain gram of paper. For example, some products, according to its own weight, we use high gram paper, and some even need to be mounted with gram paper to ensure the stiffness or compressive strength of the carton. Otherwise, blindly emphasizing the cost and reducing the weight of paper will lead to quality problems and counterproductive waste. For food grade packaging boxes, especially folding cartons that directly contact food, we should pay attention to the control of paper fluorescent agent. After testing, the paper without fluorescent agent content can be used as food grade packaging paper. We should also do a good job in the detection and control of water content on the paper. The water content of the paper has a great relationship with the quality of printing and molding, and we must pay attention to it, otherwise it will cause problems such as inaccurate printing overprint, stiffness after molding, compressive strength and so on. After printing and molding, the weight and brand of the paper cannot be changed at will after confirmation by the customer. If special circumstances require changes, they must be tested and confirmed by the customer

the strands of paper are also important. Folding cartons are often discarded due to the wrong direction of the strands. Therefore, when cutting paper, pay special attention not to use the wrong thread and open the wrong paper. If the carton needs to be corrugated, the paper strands must be perpendicular to the corrugated warp, so as to ensure the compressive strength and stiffness of the carton

3. ink

ink is the main component of color composition. It is very important for ink selection. In addition to the consideration of hue, we must also pay attention to its resistance and grade. Especially heat resistance, cold resistance, alcohol resistance, acid resistance and other indicators. If the packaging box of alkaline products also has alkali resistance indicators, some of our packaging boxes have faded after storage and transportation, which is caused by the problem of choosing ink. For food grade folding cartons, we should pay attention to the use of food grade ink. Such as water-based ink, soybean ink and other environmental friendly inks

4. Printing

according to the characteristics and requirements of products, we can use different printing methods. At present, the most commonly used method is offset printing, and other methods include flexo printing, silk screen printing, gravure printing, etc. no matter what kind of printing method, we must ensure the quality of printing. First of all, we must understand the specific requirements of customers for the quality of printing. For example, some product packaging boxes use special colors, especially L0G0, which is an important color and trademark of the product packaging. There can be no mistake. Therefore, when printing, we must have a clear idea. For product packaging boxes with particularly high color requirements, we should make standards in color, and the color tolerances of upper and lower limits should be signed and retained by both parties. This facilitates the control and inspection of color difference. In addition, pay attention to accurate hue, clear and complete text and pattern in operation. To adjust the printing pressure, control the ink volume of the ink, that is, the density value. Offset printing also needs to control the ink balance. In printing, data can be used to control quality as much as possible. Such as density value, color difference value, point but generally not more than 1.5 of the specified maintenance interval; The expanded value, overprint accuracy, gray balance value, etc. can be controlled by the measurement and control strip

5. Post processing

post processing is very important. If handled improperly, all previous efforts will be wasted, resulting in immeasurable losses. In the post-processing, we must strive to do a good job in the handover and quality control of each process. For example, some folding carton products need to be packed on the automatic assembly line. When we die-cutting, the knife plate must be laser arranged. The inaccuracy of manual tool arrangement often leads to the failure of the assembly line. The selection of adhesives should be tightened in time; If you don't use the machine for a long time after the experiment, it's also very important to choose in the post-processing. Many folding cartons crack and degumm in the hands of customers are caused by improper adhesives. For different adhesives used in different folding cartons, for example, some are calendered products, some are laminated products, some are UV products, etc., we should use the corresponding adhesives. In addition, the adhesive used must be tested hot and cold after bonding, and a large number of trials can be carried out after confirming the bonding fastness. Special attention must be paid to the selection of materials. For example, water-based environmental protection materials must be used for the packaging of food and drugs. If oily solvent materials are selected, they will cause great losses if rejected by customers

in short, with the lifelong maintenance of the whole machine and the application of folding cartons in the market, as our packaging and printing factory, we must take active cooperation measures, especially to control the quality of folding carton packaging boxes, carefully sum up experience, and take active measures to ensure the quality of cartons so that our customers can use them at ease

author/Yang Yong

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