Quality characteristics and testing of aluminum fo

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Quality characteristics and testing of blister packaging aluminum foil printing materials (II)

II. Main quality problems and analysis of pharmaceutical aluminum foil printing

1 Requirements for appearance quality of pharmaceutical aluminum foil printing

(1) the color of aluminum foil printing surface is correct, bright and uniform, the overlapping color is bright, the ink color is soft, and the imprinted edge is smooth

(2) printing fastness: the steel bar bending tester of the old disc can meet the 180 degree positive bending test, and the adhesive ink with transparent tape is not decolorized

(3) the pattern text and lines are clear and complete without incomplete deformation

(4) the printing lines are rich in layers and clear in dots

(5) the appearance printing is neat, and there is no obvious dirty knife wire

(6) after the final management test, if the deviation of the same color density reaches 1% accuracy, it is enough to meet the requirements of the same batch of the same color difference index

2. The printed text or lines of aluminum foil are incomplete

but these were rejected by he Guoliang. Due to analysis:

(1) the ink dries too fast, causing dryness

(2) excessive air heat affects the drying of the concave surface of the printing roller

(3) plate making is corroded and has little ink adhesion

(4) the distance between the doctor blade and the printing point on the printing roller is too far

(5) the vehicle speed is too slow

3. Cause analysis of colored lines (lines) on the surface of aluminum foil printing:

(1) there are hard particles and sundries close to the roller at the edge of the doctor blade, which must be removed. In case of irregular lines, sharpen or change the knife

(2) if the line is fixed, there are hard impurities embedded in the printing roller point, which must be stopped to remove

(3) when the new roll is used, it is found that the fixed line mark is generally caused by the rough surface of the printing roll after chrome plating is not sand smooth or revision, and the pinhole

(4) if the resin and pigment in the ink are not ground down, it will also cause line marks, which must be filtered and removed with the stable trend of steel wire price change

(5) the angle, position and hardness of the scraper must be adjusted appropriately

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