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Dazu fire protection internal and external plastic coated composite steel pipe quality assurance

Dazu fire protection internal and external plastic coated composite steel pipe quality assurance

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Dazu fire protection internal and external plastic coated composite steel pipe quality assurance

galvanized pipes and connectors for fire protection because the added fiber points can be black, its own performance in corrosion prevention, scaling prevention and antibacterial is poor, In addition, due to the characteristics of long-term static and sudden emergency use of fire water, there are many problems in actual use: first, due to the poor anti-corrosion performance of galvanized steel pipe, it is easy to rust on the inner surface of the pipe due to long-term water erosion, and it is easy to block the spray head of incoming washing machine after the rust layer falls off; Secondly, after scaling on the inner surface of the pipe, it is easy to reduce or block the inner diameter of the plastic coated composite steel pipe inside and outside the pipe, so that the water delivery and air volume are reduced to the point that they cannot be transported, affecting the actual use effect; Moreover, * the key point is that if the above situation occurs in the process of fire disaster relief and the disaster relief is delayed, the consequences will be unimaginable; The existence of the above defects makes the service life of galvanized pipes shorter, generally only 78 years

working pressure: 1.6mpa

fracture elongation: greater than 300


1 Compression resistance and impact resistance, which can resist the pressure of external or water pressure of 5MPa

2. With good corrosion resistance and good coating adsorption, the coating will not fall off and the pipeline will not rust within the rated 70 years

3. Good wear resistance and high hardness, i.e. there will be no difference when sanding or being hit with sandpaper

4. The sanitary performance has passed the national standard, and it can be safely drunk as a domestic water supply and drainage

scope of application water supply plastic coated steel pipe

I. product introduction of water supply plastic coated steel pipe

water supply plastic coated composite steel pipe is made of national standard hot-dip galvanized welded steel pipe (or welded pipe, seamless pipe or spiral pipe) by heating and spraying (rolling) plastic powder of various materials

II. Product function and application

plastic coated composite steel pipe for water supply, which has the strength of steel pipe, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of plastic pipe, quality assurance of plastic coated composite steel pipe inside and outside Dazu fire control, low fluid resistance and other advantages, is a new type of water supply and anti-corrosion pipeline. It overcomes the defects that galvanized pipes are easy to rust, produce yellow water, accumulate masonry, produce small pipe diameter and blockage, and plays an obvious role in preventing secondary pollution and improving water quality

III. product scope of application fire plastic coated steel pipe

1. Fire plastic coated steel pipe packaging

the coating composite pipe of straight pipe is packed with hexagonal bundling, and both ends of the pipe should wear plastic caps before bundling. Coated composite pipes with a nominal outer diameter of not less than 300mm shall not be bundled, and protective layers shall be applied to the external plastic coating packaging. Protective sleeves shall be worn on both ends of the coated composite pipes welded with flanges. It can also be packaged according to the method agreed by both parties. Each package is provided with a product certificate, which should contain the following contents:

(1) product name, specification, quantity and standard number

(2) production date and batch number

(3) safety sign identification and certificate number of mining products

(4) inspection mark

(5) name of the manufacturer Dazu fire protection internal and external plastic coated composite steel pipe quality assurance, address,, zip code

2. Transportation of fire-fighting plastic coated steel pipes

during transportation, the packaged coated composite pipes should avoid violent impact, throwing and sunlight, and it is strictly prohibited to drag and scratch with sharp hard objects. Nylon belt shall be used for hoisting during loading and unloading

3. Storage of fire-fighting plastic coated steel pipes

coated composite pipes should be stored straight indoors, and the distance from the heat source should not be less than 1m. When stored in the open air, it must be covered with a canopy and should not be stored outdoors in direct sunlight and cold places for a long time. The ambient temperature of coated composite pipes during storage is -30 ℃ ~ 45 ℃. When the coated composite pipes are stacked, the bottom shall be padded with two supporting pads with a width of 100mm. The coated composite pipe shall not be less than 100mm above the ground

plastic coated composite steel pipe is suitable for working environment of -30 ℃ ~120 ℃ according to various materials. The coating has high adhesion, high hardness, good impact resistance and good chemical corrosion resistance. It can be widely used in building water supply and drainage enterprises, cold and hot water transmission in residential areas, industrial circulating water, fire sprinkler, HVAC, gas, petroleum, chemical corrosion prevention, buried internal and external corrosion prevention, cable internal and external corrosion prevention Desulfurization and anti-corrosion, anti ultraviolet anti-corrosion, anti-static flame retardant anti-corrosion and other fluid transportation

double sided plastic coated steel pipes are widely used in domestic water, fire protection, chemical heavy corrosion protection, electric power, HVAC circulating water, ships, docks, wharves, medicine, gas and other fields

connection mode

screw connection, groove connection, flange connection, welding connection, bimetal welding connection and socket connection


1), product standard

water supply plastic coated composite steel pipe CJ/T

Technical Specification for building water supply plastic coated composite pipe engineering cecs125:2001

safety evaluation standard for drinking water transmission and distribution equipment and protective materials gb/t

2), engineering standard

code for design of building water supply and drainage GB

code for acceptance of construction quality of building water supply and drainage and heating engineering GB

5 There is no burr and the pipe wall is smooth, which is suitable for threading wires or cables during construction

connection mode of fire-fighting plastic coated steel pipe: screw thread, groove, bimetal connection, welding, flange connection

application field of fire-fighting plastic coated steel pipe: fire sprinkler system involved in banks, hospitals, schools, office buildings, aviation, transportation and other fields. The internal and external fire-fighting plastic coated steel pipe usually adopts thermoplastic (PE) and thermosetting (EP) two anti-corrosion type powders. Thermoplastic resin is characterized by softening with the increase of temperature and hardening after cooling, and this process can be repeated many times

thermosetting resin is characterized by oligomeric prepolymer resin. Add an appropriate amount of curing agent and bake at a certain temperature to form a hard * * end product that can dissolve or melt. In the field of fire-fighting plastic coated pipes, Fuzong brand is formed by adding thermosetting resin and baking and curing at an appropriate temperature. Pay close attention to the product quality in details to ensure that the coating is uniform, free of leakage, smooth and other quality assurance

after solving the problem, many people will consider the problem of cost, which is a fact that can not be ignored and avoided. So let's see. Is the cost of plastic coated steel pipe really expensive? Let's analyze one by one. The PE gas drainage pipe used in coal mines has many problems at the 2016 (8th) International Conference on new chemical materials held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. The use of this product has been expressly prohibited in Shanxi Province, and the mechanical strength of the pipe is seriously insufficient, and the resistance to static electricity is nonsense. In some places, his price is more expensive than plastic coated Dazu fire-fighting internal and external plastic coated composite steel pipe quality assurance steel pipe. In fact, as long as the design is reasonable and meets the needs of pressure and radius, the cost of using plastic coated steel pipe and PE is similar, and even cheaper than using PE

we have all seen the depression of coal mines. Although the output of the coal industry this year may be only half or even lower than usual, the five major coal industry groups have been constantly enclosing new coal mines and expanding fiercely, especially in Guizhou, Xinjiang and other places; This shows that winter has passed, and spring will not be too far away; At the same time, the collective utilization rate of coal mines is increasing, so it is difficult to say how much the market has changed. We see that after the increase of manufacturers, everyone seems to be doing well. In addition to coal mining, the demand of other industries is indeed increasing exponentially, such as fire protection, water and so on, but the industrial demand is not so concentrated and violent

the competition between enterprises mainly focuses on two aspects: one is marketing ability, the other is cost; The marketing ability is mainly reflected in the industry background, personnel strength, publicity strength, and the judgment that can not get wrong due to misunderstanding, marketing strategy, coordination ability, management level and so on. In terms of cost, in addition to the continuous communication between production and customer needs, there are differences in time and geographical location. Therefore, the principle of proximity has become a default factor. To sum up, the plastic coated steel pipe industry is still full of vitality and challenges. The world will not change because of people, only the fittest survive. Adjusting our strategy according to reality is our magic weapon to win. Those who are not brave, wise, vulgar, magnanimous and rough will not become kings. The compression resistance reaches 0mpa。

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